Best Webcam For Video Conferencing

Best Webcam For Video Conferencing 2021

Video conferencing has become very popular today. In this day and age, a lot can be achieved with the help of technology. And because of this a lot of times conferences get shifted to a simple video call.

However, without the right devices, this can pose a threat to your work environment and efficiency. Yes, we are talking about webcams. Although modern phones come with good front cameras, they are not enough for professional work.

You need a webcam dedicated solely to your work. There are many you can find today, some of which we have here. This is a list of some of the best webcam for video conferencing.

Details, models, brands as well as their features you should be looking out for before buying your webcam. We hope this list can help you get your desired webcam so you can flaunt your skills and presentations perfectly in this virtual world.

list of Top 10 Webcam For Video Conferencing

1. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

2. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

3. Logitech C270

4. Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615

5. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

6. Logitech Conference Cam BCC950

7. Owl Labs Meeting Owl

8. Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web Camera

9. eMeet C960

10. TedGem 1080P Full HD Webcam

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Webcam for Video Conferencing



Video Quality


Specialty Features


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

HD 1080p

Stereo Studio and dual microphones

Carl Zeiss lens with 20 step autofocus

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

HD 720p


True Color Technology

Logitech C270

HD 720p


Logitech Fluid Crystal technology

Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615

Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615

HD 720p


Compatible with multiple operating systems

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

HD 720p


30 frames per second imaging rate

Logitech Conference Cam BCC950

HD 1080p

Omni-directional, Echo cancellation

Carl Zeiss Optics

Owl Labs Meeting Owl

HD 720p

Single 360 degree speaker

360 degree lens show whole rooms

Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web Camera

HD 1080p

Dual Mics

Built-in light ring with camera

eMeet C960

HD 1080p

Dual Mics

30 frames per second imaging rate

TedGem 1080P Full HD Webcam

HD 1080p


90 degree viewing angle

Best Webcam For Video Conferencing reviews

1. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 | best video conferencing camera

When buying a webcam for your conference room, you have to be sure it is of the finest quality. For not only will it be serving for a group of people, but they would want to save shots of the work as well.

This makes it imperative that your webcam provides top service. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 fits all these categories and is renowned as one of the finest in the market.

Most of these are features you would normally find in a DSLR camera. This webcam records at full HD 1080p video quality giving you a crisp and clear outcome.

It also takes photos, which is an integral part of conferences, at 15 megapixels. Alongside this you also get to experience the Carl Zeiss lens that comes with 20 step autofocus for unsurpassed picture quality and resolution. These are usually found in Sony cameras, so that should tell you how good they are.

Being able to hear and record clearly is very important in conferences, and the stereo studio along with the dual microphones allow you to record and listen without disturbances.

Recording clear videos are also important and the h.264 encoding and Logitech’s fluid crystal technology ensure you get only the best. Video recording becomes faster and smoother with this.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a wide field view
  • Plug and play ensures no need for drivers
  • Has mounting options using tripod
  • Has automatic low light correction

2. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for Business | best camera for video conferencing

One on the affordable range, this Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 is a great buy if you want to use it at home for video conferencing. It will not set you back by much, but will deliver great quality. With True 720p HD recording, you can rest assured your videos will come out clear and spotless.

Small in size, this webcam comes with a rubber universal mount which lets you put it on any monitor. This makes it very convenient and versatile to use at home, where you might be changing from laptop to a personal computer to even a tab quite frequently.

You also get the regular indicator LED. The webcam features True Color Technology alongside color correction. So even though you are using this at home and this is an affordable buy, you are getting to experience superior color and brightness.

This feature lets you record videos at their true colors, even if they are in lowlight or backlight conditions. If you like to record the videos and then post them elsewhere, this is a good choice.

The built-in unidirectional microphone comes with acoustic noise cancellation. This ensures you that the audio you are recording will be crisp and clear.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an universal attachment base
  • Widescreen lets you record cinematic video
  • Has a 30 frames per second imaging rate
  • Omni directional microphone allows for finest sound quality

3. Logitech C270 | best web camera for video conferencing

When thinking about buying webcams, Logitech is without a doubt one of the first names to pop in your head. While there are numerous models from this brand, this one is great for those who use it at home.

Made easy and simple to use, simply plug this into your computer and you are good to go. Since it comes with a USB, it can be used with multiple devices.

Because this is an affordable model it great for college students who need to frequently use video conferencing. The webcam is also flexible, so you can point it in a few directions without having to move yourself.

What is really good about this one, is that the lens is deep in the device, instead of on the surface. This works to protect it, and makes it durable.

The video quality on this is HD 720p, and once you test it out you will be able to see the difference. Compared to your PC webcam, this provides a clearer picture, the color and resolution are on point, and there are no blurry lines.

What is great is that the set up gives you the option of installing the Logitech software so you get the face detection and can take pictures. You can install it if you want, or continue using your computers software instead.

Highlighted Features

  • Has Logitech Fluid Crystal technology for recording
  • Built-in microphone eliminates background noises
  • Photos are taken in 3 megapixels
  • Set up is easy using guide

4. Logitech HD Webcam C615 | best webcam for conference room

Another good buy from Logitech again, this C615 model is well suited to conference calls. A great contender for the price, the full HD 1080p makes sure you can capture even the smallest details when video recording. Both you and your peers watching will appreciate this.

If you are someone who does frequent livestreams or podcasts, look no further. First of all there is the built-in microphone. As it filters out the background noise you get a crisp clear sound recording. The 360 degree full rotational camera lets you film all around you. Simply mount it on your PC or phone and rotate it according to your requirements for a full 360 view.

As a webcam this is very flexible, and attaches really well. The bottom has a hinge which lets you open it up and place on thicker surfaces, allowing you to work from multiple angles. Mount it on top of your monitor, or lay it flat on your table, the webcam does it all.

Video chatting in HD 720p lets you experience a crystal clear session, one that would never be possible on your PC’s webcam. It is also compatible with numerous software, such as Skype, Hangouts and Face Time on Mac. Automatic light correction ensures you have a proper video, no matter the lighting.

Logitech HD Webcam

Highlighted Features

5. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam | usb hd camera for video conferencing

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam is a good choice for anyone looking for a decent webcam to use at home for video conferencing. The webcam is tripod mountable. So if you ever want to use for purposes other than video conferencing, you can definitely use it with the tri pod.

The rubber flexible grip is a great feature because this lets you mount this on multiple devices. The webcam lets you take photos as well, an important feature during conference calls. Photos come at 8 megapixels, which is good for use at home.

The camera module on this rotates 360 degrees as well as up and down, making it one of the most flexible ones out there. It also comes with a button on the top that lets you initiate calls on applications like Skype.

With the noise cancelling microphone, you experience clear audio recordings. There is no shaking or echo of the voices, all you get is crystal clear audio. High precision glass lens make sure you get sharp video recording, even in low light conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a 30 frames per second imaging rate
  • Comes with 720p HD widescreen video
  • ClearFrame technology ensures you experience detailed video
  • Features Auto Focus and TrueColor Technology.

  • Video Conferencing Webcam Buying Guide

    High Resolution

    This is the first feature that pops in our mind when we think about finding the best webcam for video conference. Of course a high resolution is always better than a lower one, but it will also set you back by more cash.

    This depends on how much you have to rely on your webcam, and how much resolution can you work it. A minimum of 720p is good for everybody, but you can definitely go higher if you want to. If you plan of buying a webcam to use for at least a few years, then we suggest you go for at least a 1080p resolution.

    Frame Rate

    A high frame is suggested when buying webcams. Without a good frame rate your videos will stutter and freeze on screen. Although this does not always pose a threat, it can when you are conferencing and end up missing important parts of the conference.

    Look for the ‘fps’ function in models to find the frame rate. This translates to frames per second. For video streaming you will want at least 15fps, however 3-fps is always better.

    If you have a flexible budget, consider the 60fps for the finest result. Therefore, for work purposes, you should definitely consider a buying a webcam that has a high frame rate.

    Built-in microphone

    This is a standard feature you want because at one point or another you will have to speak into a conference. Even if you are just here to listen, if someone were to pop a question, you would not be able to answer- not a situation you want in the middle of work.

    Coming to the quality of microphones, they have gotten better over time. Today we can find ones with two or more built-in microphones, and some with Omni-directional-that is they can record from every direction. These are the standard features in most mid to high budget webcams.

    Final Word

    Buying cameras are hard enough, and it is harder so when they have so many features. Yes, it can overwhelming as technology changes so quickly today. But that is where we come in.

    What you need is a good webcam that you can use for a good while before it becomes back dated. Go through our details on these handpicked choices for the best webcams for video conferencing.

    They have been carefully selected from numerous brands, qualities and different performances, so they will not let you down. Go through your own needs and preferences, and you shall find the right one for you.

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