Best Webcam For Xbox One

Best Webcam For Xbox One 2021

The rise of ESports has made online gaming a sensation. From Pro-gamers to game-enthusiasts, all video-game lovers worldwide have started to see more opportunities in this arena and are flocking toward it like never before.

Who knew watching somebody play a video game would be worth an investment?

Xbox One is an eighth generation gaming console, a brain-child of Microsoft, introduced in 2013, has turned into this all-in-one mega console with only a few competitors like PlayStation, Nintendo and Switch.

Games like Call of Duty, NBA2K20, Madden NFL, FIFA, GTA, MineCraft, which are Xbox One friendly, are household names to young kids these days.

If you are an Xbox One gamer, looking forward to share your virtual experience with millions of others, you are surely searching for a good webcam. The best webcam for Xbox One would definitely have to provide unparalleled sound and picture quality. This guide will be to your assistance.

list of Top 10 Webcam For Xbox One

1. Anivia HD Webcam

2. Hrayzan HD Webcam

3. Growfast HD Webcam

4. Vitade USB Pro

5. Vitade Web Camera 928A

6. Vitade 826M Web Camera

7. Avater HD Webcam

8. TedGem HD Webcam

9. Akyta Web Camera

10. ZIQIAN Web Camera

Comparison Table For Top 10 Webcam For Xbox One



Resolution + FPS




Anivia HD Webcam


70°,Glass, auto-light

Plug-and-play, USB

Hrayzan HD Webcam


110° view, Glass

6 ft USB cable

Growfast HD Webcam


100° view, 7-element

Plug-and-play, USB

Vitade USB Pro


80°, Glass, Ringlight-3

6 ft USB cable

Vitade Web Camera 928A


80° view, auto-light

Plug-n-play, USB

Vitade 826M Web Camera


76°, auto-light, manual focus

Plug-n-play, USB-2

Avater HD Webcam


110°, HDR, auto-light

Plug-n-play, USB-2

TedGem HD Webcam


90°, Glass, auto-light

Plug-n-play, USB-2

Akyta Web Camera


110°, Glass, auto-light

5.6 ft USB cable

ZIQIAN Web Camera


100° angle, auto-light

6 ft USB cable

Best Webcam For Xbox One Reviews

1. Anivia 1080p HD Webcam W8 | best webcam for xbox one x

If you want to flaunt your gaming skills in public, what could be a better way to do so than recording yourself or going live while playing? Different social media platforms like YouTube and Twitch offer such opportunities, which will give you a wider exposure for networking and some even build a career out of it.

If you are going to be streaming your passion for games in the near future, you should opt for the webcam by Anivia, one of the finest there is with a beautiful compatibility with Xbox One.

Equipped with its full HD 1080p/30fps resolution, it generates images which are crystal clear, something which is paramount while gaming since it engages your audience.

The webcam has auto-light adjustment feature which will enable you to play either in too bright or dimly lit conditions. The in-built stereo and omni-directional microphones are something to die for—it has a noise-reduction feature which while cancelling out all unwanted surrounding noises, highlights your vocal sound, so be heard screaming when you kick your first goal on FIFA!

Product Highlights

  • The product is compatible with a plethora of social media platforms
  • Can be connected to PC, Laptop, Notebook, Android, TV
  • Built-in dual noise-reduction mics ensure clear recording within 3 metres
  • HD sensor and glass lens help make streamers look more professional

2. Hrayzan 1080P HD Webcam | xbox one x camera

Whether it is the excitement of FIFA or the thrill of Call of Duty, live streaming with Xbox One is always contagious! Popularity of online gaming is spreading like wildfire across the internet, luring millions of game-enthusiasts from all over the world. It is like an ecosystem of like-minded, craze-fuelled, passionate individuals.

If you are an Xbox lover and online gaming is your thing, you should aim for a premium quality webcam, and Hrayzan Webcam would fit that description perfectly.

A fantastic revolution of 1080p/30fps in combination with DRC Digital Wide Dynamic Function of the webcam, the images generated are very smooth and razor-sharp for excellent engagement during gaming and video conferencing.

Bet you already know by now that OBS Studio software is a much-sought-after requirement which will enable you to record your videos or live-stream cross-platform, that is, both you and your gaming screen would show to the audience. This webcam by Hrayzan would require you to download OBS and then connect it with Xbox One before streaming.

A big drawback of online streaming is that you are exposed to hackers, hundreds of them. But this webcam comes equipped with a Privacy Cover which will protect you at all times from unwelcome visitors spying on you.

Product Highlights

  • The webcam uses glass lens, with 110° focal angle, CMOS image sensor
  • Lens offers fixed focus, focal length—0.5cm to 2.5cm, facial recognition
  • Compatible with  Linux , IOS and Windows
  • Has built-in stereo noise-reduction microphones for fantastic sounds
  • Plug-and-play feature requires no drivers, equipped with a tripod

3. Growfast Full HD Webcam | usb webcam xbox one

Bet you have heard of Esports—a world of video gaming where professional gamers compete with each other at playing games like Madden NFL or Fortnite, and game enthusiasts can watch them play at live shows, on the net or on TV. An estimated 380 million people enjoyed Esports in the year 2019!

Online video game streaming, whether competitive or done solely for entertainment, are a fast-developing industry, much to everyone’s surprise. If you seek to be a part of this virtual world, you should get yourself a brand quality webcam, and the one by Growfast is a deal-sealing offer.

Highly compatible with most social media platforms which are popular for game streaming, this webcam also goes hand-in-hand with myriads of Operating Systems as well—Linux, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, MAC OS and Ubuntu. With such versatile system compatibility, online gaming now would be a breeze.

The camera comes with a 10meter radius of focus, which is adjustable depending on the distance you are maintaining with your PC. The webcam also has built-in stereo microphone facility with noise cancellation, which will minimize noises coming from your surrounding and focus more on your Hurray’s and Yes’s.

Product Highlights

  • 7 element glass lens with 100° view and 1536p resolution
  • H.264 Video Compression feature ensures amazing clarity during gaming
  • Background of your gaming screen could be replaced by Chromacam
  • Captures the facial contours and brightens dull images, making you look more presentable to the world

4. Vitade 960A | xbox one streaming camera

One of the main achievements of live streaming spaces is engagement. Imagine watching your favorite YouTube gamer go live with Grand Theft Auto, or Resident Evil, and interact with him at the same time—it is an amusement of an unprecedented level!

Image quality of video game streaming is paramount, especially when you do not have access to brighter surrounding. It is an obstacle which many gamers encounter since game streams, be they recorded or live, are done indoors, often in poorly lit conditions. This is when webcams by Vitade will save the day!

 The cameras have this amazing HD 1080p RingLight feature which has 3-levels of light adjustability. With Ring Light feature, you would not need to light up your gaming room with additional lighting equipments. The feature also comes equipped with facial enhancement technology which will ensure you look professional and presentable.

The built-in Ring Light could be adjusted using touch-screen panels located right at the front of the gadget for your convenience. Often gamers suffer in the extra inconvenience of having to decorate the backgrounds with lightings and fixtures, but with the amazing Chromacam app which is recommended to be installed, enables easy change of background whenever, wherever.

Product Highlights

  • Plug-and-play feature compatible with an array of devices and OS
  • H.264 encoding characteristic enables saving large data in small space
  • Lens and Resolution—glass lens, 80° view, 1080p/30fps
  • OBS Studio recommended for Xbox One for versatile streaming

5. Avater HD Webcam

Watching the reactions of your favorite streamer while playing SIMS or MineCraft, or heavy duty games such as League of Legends or Mortal Kombat, is fun of a higher-order entertainment level!

An interactive gaming stream requires excellent crisp-quality image and unparalleled sound quality, and these two needs are fully met by the superior features of the HD webcam by Avater. Offering a fluid streaming of 1080p/30fps resolution, breaking or freezing of videos will be a thing of the past.

The webcam also comes equipped with echo and noise cancelling dual microphones which will ensure that all sounds ranging from bleep-bleep and pow-pow’s to huge booming noises of dynamo explosions and missile blows are clearly audible by you and the people on the other side of the screen for a superior, never-before gaming experience.

The lens offers 110° widescreen which ensures a more fulfilling view of the gaming screen. The webcam also has a wide-range compatibility with devices and OS. It works smoothly with Windows, Chrome, Linux, MAC and Android, for game streaming with Xbox One over Hangouts, Twitter, Twitch, Yahoo and MSN.

Product Highlights

  • HDR technology and auto-light correction features
  • Plug and play feature enables easy connectivity without drivers
  • Comes with tripod with rotatable and adjustable clip
  • Camera has facial-recognition feature to enhance the contours of your face
  • Equipped with H.264 encoding for compressing large video files

How To Choose Best Webcam For Xbox One?

Excellent sound quality and crystal clear uninterrupted video output are the two essential requirements for an unforgettable virtual experience. Therefore, before you step out with your wallet, bear in mind the following pointers that should be present in the Best Xbox One Webcam.

Higher Video Quality

Most good-quality webcams for video recording and live streaming have HD resolutions ranging from 720p to 1080p, where “p” stands for pixels, and remember higher the number of pixels, sharper the image quality.

Always keep your audience in mind-- clearer video for you means an engaging experience for them as well.

Frame rate is basically the speed at which your camera will be able to capture images, measured in FPS, again higher is preferable. Ideally, fps ranges from 30-120.

For live streaming, stick with at least 30fps if you are on a budget and if you don’t want choppy video streaming for your audience. Besides P’s and FPS’s, also pay attention to the presence of HDR function which adds an extra spark to your videos.

Better Focus

Plastic and glass constructions are available, and for streaming purposes, glass lens would be more preferable since they are long-lasting, more scratch-resistant and more reflective than their plastic counterpart. Autofocus, wide angle view, light-adjustability and facial recognition features are some additions you should keep your eyes open for.

Clearer Sound

These days most webcams are well-equipped with built-in dual/stereo microphones. Also look out for noise and echo-cancelling features that are highly effective in alleviating unwanted surround noises. 

Blend-In Efficient Design 

The ease at which webcam will attach to your laptop or desktop is something many buyers overlook at first and regret later. Webcams may come with adjustable clip-on’s suitable for any device. Alternatively you may mount your cam on tripods which are usually included with most webcams.

Easy Connection With Higher Security

Webcams could either be connected by a USB cable, or it could be wireless too. Preference is highly person-specific and both the systems are equally popular.

Another fact that most gamers or streamers ignore is that while going live they are exposed to stalkers, hackers and spies of all shapes and sizes. Certain webcams come with protective physical flaps, which could be adjusted (flip to the side or up-down) without causing any harm to the lens. You can get one for yourself, especially if you go live frequently.

Compatibility With Xbox One

Xbox One is compatible with Microsoft’s Mixer service, so can broadcast your streams there without any additional hassle. But if you aim to stream your gaming videos on Twitch, you will need to install the Open Broadcast Software (OBS) and Twitch App from Microsoft Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Webcam Can I Use On Xbox One?

For streaming video games using an Xbox One, you can use a webcam that comes with NV12 or YUY2 format first; otherwise, you won’t be able to broadcast with it.

In addition to that, you will need a webcam that offers top-notch video quality, a high viewing angle, and at least a 30fps frame rate to have a satisfactory streaming experience.

2. Can I Use My Phone As A Webcam For Xbox One?

Yes, you can use your phone as a webcam for Xbox one. However, you would still need a capture device to stream the gameplay and the video.

There are numerous apps in both App Store and Google Play Store that can turn your Android or iOS device into a webcam. You can download apps like EpocCam, and DroidCam to turn your phone into a webcam, and these are also compatible with both Windows OS and macOS.

3. How Do I Stream From Xbox One To Webcam?

To stream from the Xbox One to the webcam first, you will need a camera that is compatible with the device. For a hassle-free broadcasting experience, you should go for a webcam with YUY2 or NV12 format.

The streaming process from Xbox one is quite simple and effortless; you don’t have to be a professional to do so. First, plug the camera into the Xbox and give access to the webcam for broadcasting. Then, you will be able to stream with it on any streaming platform by simply using your intuition.

4. What Do You Need To Stream On Xbox?

To stream on Xbox, you will need a few basic pieces of equipment. You need a console from the Xbox One family first and a TV to connect the console.

 Then, you will need an Xbox One controller to play games and navigate the streaming platform. You will also need a consistent internet connection to stream the gameplay with better quality.

Final Word

For game-enthusiasts, merely setting their eyes upon their favorite gamer magically overcoming difficult hurdles and tough bosses, round after round, without getting tired, is an amusement which cannot be compared to any other form.

Jumping up from the seat, screaming whenever a zombie attacks in Resident Evil or busting the feast with overwhelming grief on the computer table whenever a goal is missed on FIFA, are just some of the many quirks of game lovers!

Xbox One gamers are always on the lookout for a webcam which will stream effortlessly. The best webcam for Xbox One would generate amazing picture and sound.

Brands like Vitade, Akyta and Anivia have released some unique webcams in the market which are great in both utility and affordability. If you live for gaming, give one a try today.

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