Best Duplex Scanner 2021

In modern times, as cost of maintenance of office-space is quite high, businesses often tend to minimize their expenses by going paperless.

Going 100% paperless is impractical, but the exercise is in high demand. Working in the Cloud contributes to maintenance of a paperless office, which involves use of the internet connectivity for work.

An item of office equipment which serves diligently in the upkeep of such a work culture, is a document scanner. It allows you to convert printed text into images which can be shared in the cloud.

Document scanners these days often have what is called a “duplex” feature which allows auto-scanning of both the sides of a paper. If you are on the lookout for the best duplex scanner, this article will guide you into purchasing one.

list of Top 10 Duplex Scanner

1. Fujitsu S1300i Duplex Document Scanner

2. Fujitsu iX1500 Duplex Document Scanner

3. Fujitsu fi-7160 Duplex Document Scanner

4. Epson ES-400 Duplex Document Scanner

5. Brother DS-740D Duplex Document Scanner

6. Brother ADS 2700W Document Scanner

7. Brother ADS 1250W Scanner

8. Canon FORMULA R40 Document Scanner

9. Canon FORMULA P-215II Document Scanner

10. Raven Original Document Scanner

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Duplex Scanner







Fujitsu S1300i Duplex Document Scanner

600 dpi

12 ppm


Fujitsu iX1500 Duplex Document Scanner

600 dpi

30 ppm


Fujitsu fi-7160 Duplex Document Scanner

600 dpi

60 ppm


Epson ES-400 Duplex Document Scanner

1200 dpi

35 ppm


Brother DS-740D Duplex Document Scanner

300 dpi

16 ppm


Brother ADS 2700W Document Scanner

1200 dpi

35 ppm


Brother ADS 1250W Scanner

600 dpi

25 ppm


Canon FORMULA R40 Document Scanner

200 dpi

40 ppm


Canon FORMULA P-215II Document Scanner

600 dpi

15 ppm


Raven Original Document Scanner

600 dpi

17 ppm


Best Duplex Scanner Reviews

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Duplex Document Scanner-Best Duplex Scanner For Mac

Entrepreneurs who aim to generate a paperless office often depend upon scanning their documents and archiving them for future reference. These days, scanners have an auto duplex feature which scans both sides of a paper without the need for manual interference.

Scanners by Fujitsu are must-haves for offices. With its Scansnap S1300i feature, organizing piles of paperwork would be a breeze. Once you scan your paperwork, the files are saved as searchable PDF, editable Word and excel docs. This will allow you to make any necessary changes to your document before emailing it, for example.

The scanner’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows images to be converted into editable texts. If you are looking to compile all the scans into a file, then try its smart correction scan property which is able to process images, correct brightness, remove blank pages, deskew and crop. 

Business cards and receipts can be scanned into editable pdfs too using ScanSnap Receipt software and ScanSnap CardMinder. The receipt software scans through images, detects information related to payments, tallies up the totals and converts the information into an excel sheet.

The CardMinder scans business scans where you can add notes and export directly to Salesforce or Outlook.

Product Highlights

  • Included ScanSnap software converts scans to editable documents
  • Duplex feature with 10 page ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)
  • Duplex scanning speed: 12 pages (both sides) per minute
  • Compatible with an array of MAC OS, devices and Cloud services

  • 2. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Duplex Document Scanner-High Speed Duplex Scanner

    Multitasking is an inevitable part of modern life, both at home and at office. Tasks such as scanning, photocopying and printing take an awful amount of time, no matter how fast the machine functions.

    To alleviate that problem, nowadays scanners come with auto-duplexing feature. Now you can attend your calls, while the machine scans without supervision.

    Take scanners by Epson, which use Single-Step technology to scan both the sides of a page at one time. Its 50 page ADF feature allows you to work through piles of papers in a jiffy!

    The scanner scans both sides of papers in one pass at a speed of 35ppm or 70 ipm which is great for offices tackling a lot of paperwork, or retail shops with tons of bills and receipts. The scanner also has OCR feature which changes your scans into searchable pdfs, and editable word/excel files.

    The ScanSmart software automatically names the files scanned for quick and easy upload to any Cloud Service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. With Epson’s image processing characteristic, you can even crop and change backgrounds of images, and even remove unwanted or blank pages.

    Product Highlights

  • Equipped with Epson ScanSmart, OCR and NewSoft Presto Bizcard
  • Is compatible with versatile OS—Windows and MAC, many versions
  • Equipped with TWAIN driver which has versatile software compatibility
  • Connects to USB-3.0, 1200 dpi resolution, image processing
  • 3. Fujitsu iX1500 Duplex Document Scanner-Duplex Scanner With Document feeder

    Thanks to scanners, we can now share photos and documents online, a great help for people who work from home. Auto duplex feature in scanners, which allows auto scanning of both sides of a paper, have made the process even easier.

    The new and improved version of scanners by Fujitsu will take total control of your paperwork with its iX1500 ScanSnap feature. It comes with a scanning menu on a 4.3” touch-screen, and displays extremely easy-to-understand icons such as “Home”, “Scan to Folder”, “Scan to Email”, “Business Card”, “Receipt”.

    After scanning is complete, you can send the images to any desired locations of your PC or Cloud service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. And not to mention, it is equipped with the well-known OCR feature which enables you to search for your desired documents with the help of typed keywords.

    The Scanners by Epson also have smart image processing system which allows the user to crop and change the backgrounds of images. It provides a fantastic resolution of 600 dpi, for brilliant scans to be shared online. The scanners can be connected by USB 2.4 and to Wi-Fi.

    Product Highlights

  • Duplex scanning feature, 30ppm scanning speed, 50 page ADF
  • The scanner has a 4.3” touch-screen with user-friendly icons
  • Compatible with various versions of Mac and PC, devices and Cloud Service
  • Connects to USB and Wi-Fi, image processing system to improve quality
  • 4. Brother DS-740D Duplex Document Scanner-Cheap Duplex Scanner

    Students working on school projects often are in need of scanners. They might need to scan an alligator’s photo from an encyclopedia, or a rare bird’s photo from the newspapers, to add to their soft-copy project. A scanner with a high dpi will be of great assistance in this case.

    You might want to declutter your house by scanning some old and worn-out paperwork, like your child’s old report cards, and archiving the softcopies in the computer for future reference. Scanners by Brother will come in handy! They have a duplex scanning speed of 16ppm and 300 dpi resolution, to make your life easier.

    With Brother scanners, you can save desk space by 11”, which is very helpful especially when you sit with a lot of things while at work, like books, your laptop, stationeries. It has the much sought-after OCR technology which lets you organize your documents, and an image processing system to correct color and size.

    The scanner has TWAIN driver which is software-friendly, and is supported by MAC OS, LINUX and Windows. Easy scan and send to Cloud Services to be shared online with your colleagues and friends. Connectible via both USB and WiFi.

    Product Highlights

  • Duplex scanning, 16ppm speed, 300 dpi resolution
  • Desk Saving Design (DSD) makes the scanner almost anywhere
  • Connectible to versatile OS, devices and cloud services
  • OCR software and image correction feature helps manage paperwork
  • 5. Raven Original Document Scanner-Automatic Duplex Scanner

    Businesses have loads of paperwork for filing purposes, but keeping a soft-copy back-up is a wise decision. At times there are tons of paperwork, and standing there to scan every paper requires a lot of time and patience. If your office scanner has an auto-duplex feature, it will help you a lot.

    Scanners by Raven help you to build a paperless office and fly your paperwork into Cloud! Why store so many old papers when you can archive them neatly in your PC? These scanners do not even need a PC to see the images because they come with a whopping 7” touchscreen display, and 200-600 dpi resolutions!

    Scanning with this machine is incredibly easy at a speed of 17 ppm with an auto-deskewing feature which corrects images which are not straight. OCR feature helps you to convert your scans to searchable and editable docs, and helps you to organize your scans better.

    The scanners have built-in doc editors which will enable you to name the doc, add or remove pages, reorder pages, crop or rotate, save in compilation or separately, all by just a tap of your finger on the wide touchscreen. Connects to WiFi and Ethernet, and sends your scans directly to an array of Cloud services.

    Product Highlights

  • Duplex scanning, 17 ppm, 50 sheet ADF with deskewing feature
  • Scan and directly send to Cloud—Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint
  • OCR changes your static paperwork into editable scans
  • Wide 7” screen, highly user friendly, connectible via WiFi and Ethernet

  • How To Choose The Right Duplex Scanner

    Compatible Software

    Duplex scanners come with an arsenal of software, ranging from OCR to image correction software. Also included are receipt and business card reading software, which are quite popular these days especially in retails.

    OCR or Optical Character Recognition software facilitates better organization of paperwork. They convert your static printed text (paperwork) to digital text, also known as searchable PDF or editable doc (word/excel). This software will also make it easy for you to search for your desired scans by typing in keywords.

    Image-editing software can be found in the best duplex document scanner models. They help the user in making some edits on the scans before archiving or sharing on Cloud services. Editing features include cropping, addition or removal of pages, deskewing which means straightening crooked or slanted scans, and saving.

    Color calibration software is also readily available in duplex scanners. They ensure that the colors of the scans mimic the color of the original documents, quality depending of course on the dpi level of the scanner.

    As for the driver included, most scanners have TWAIN, which has versatile compatibility with extensive range of Windows and MAC versions.

    Some scanners have software which can read from receipts and business cards. These are in high demand for shops and retails, or small businesses. They read the payment portions of the documents, digitizes them into editable formats, which then could be directly sent to marketing or accounting departments. 

    Speed And Connection

    Most scanners come with USB and WiFi connectivity. USB 2.0 is a common connection which supports a data transfer speed of 60 MB/sec. If your scanner has the older USB 1.1 connection, data transfer speed will be 1.5 MB/sec.

    Speed of scanning is another important feature you must pay attention to especially if you need to scan a lot of documents every day. Scanning speeds are measured in PPM (pages per minute) or IPM (images per minute).

    Some of the finest duplex scanners for home and small business use, have speeds ranging from 12ppm to 40ppm.


    How bright and clear your scans are depend on the DPI or dot per inch, which basically measures the capability of scanners to capture pixels, the higher the better, depending upon your budget. In good quality scanners, DPI ranges from 300 dpi to 1200 dpi.

    Final Word

    Scanners are essential if we want to archive information in the digital form, as a back up to the printed form which gets physically old and worn-out.

    Modern scanners have updated features which help make scanning faster and more convenient. Brands such as Fujitsu, Brother, Canon, Epson and Raven manufacture some of the best duplex scanners in the industry.

    Scanners used in office in the contemporary work settings include features like duplex scanning which allow auto-scanning of both the sides of papers.

    They also contain OCR and image-editing software, which convert printed information to editable soft version, thus helping the user to improvise.

    If you have tons of paperwork or old photos and documents which you want to archive in the digitized format, get a duplex scanner for yourself. You will not regret even a bit.

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