Best Webcams For Linux 2021

Linux has become one of the most popular operating systems due to its user-friendly and fast interface. Most laptops featuring Linux come with built-in webcams. But they can’t fulfill your expectations of having real-time video communication.

The best webcams for Linux offer a high-resolution video conferencing, streaming, and one-on-one calling experience. And the developers have programmed the OS to support most of the external webcams available to ensure users’ satisfaction.

Bring home a top-notch webcam for Linux and chat in real-time with your family and friends. We have analyzed and handpicked some webcams on top of their game to nudge you in the right direction. Have a look!

List Of Top 10 Webcams For Linux

1. Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam

2. Wansview 101JD 1080P Webcam with Microphone

3. NexiGo 2021 Autofocus 1080p Webcam

4. Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam

5. Anivia W8 1080p HD Webcam

6. Nanshiba Full 1080P Webcam

7. Vitade PC Webcam for Streaming HD 1080P

8. EACH AutoFocus Full HD Webcam 1080P

9. AUSDOM FHD Webcam 1080P

10. Logitech C615 HD Laptop Webcam

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Webcams For Linux





Logitech C920

  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):78
  • Special Feature:Noise reduction microphones

Wansview 101JD

  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):90
  • Special Feature:
  • H.264 encoding compression

NexiGo 2021

  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):65
  • Special Feature:Privacy cover shield

Logitech BRIO

  • Frame Rate (fps):60
  • Field of View (Degrees):90
  • Special Feature:RightLight 3 technology

Anivia W8

  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):75
  • Special Feature:Dual Omni-directional mics


  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):90
  • Special Feature:Facial enhancement technology


  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):80
  • Special Feature:Autofocus


  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):180
  • Special Feature:Automatic low-light correction


  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):90
  • Special Feature: 5-layer glass lens

Logitech C615

  • Frame Rate (fps):30
  • Field of View (Degrees):78
  • Special Feature:360-degree swivel head
  • Best Webcams For Linux Reviews

    1. Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam 

    Logitech C920 has made it to our favorite picks due to its superior video quality and incredible functionalities. With a wide-angle lens of 78 degrees, you can rest assured that you don’t have to get up during a conference call just to set the cameras’ frame. It can pick everyone’s face in a large meeting room.

    This webcam is equipped with low light correction technology to help you make a call or stream without proper lighting. It detects the illumination of the room and adjusts accordingly to provide a bright and clear video.

    The lens of this webcam is one of the finest compared to the other units available in the market. Logitech C920 mainly focused on providing a premium lens so that it can consistently capture high-definition video. Its five-element glass can withstand dirt and debris and offers clear and razor-sharp images along with autofocus for a long time.

    If you need a webcam to record and upload a video in a hurry, then you should definitely check this unit out. It comes with H.264 video compression that compresses the video while being recorded so that you don’t have to wait for it to compress the video. And this incredible technology minimizes the pressure on your internet connection while streaming.

    Highlighted features

    • Features automatic low light correction technology and Autofocus
    • Equipped with two auto noise reduction microphones
    • It comes with a universal clip that fits any monitor and laptop
    • The viewing angle of the lens is 78 degrees
    • It can record a video with a maximum resolution of 1080p

    2. Wansview 101JD 1080P Webcam with Microphone

    With an elegant design and fantastic build quality, the Wansview 101JD webcam can fit in any streaming setup. It is compatible with any Linux powered laptops and PCs’ that have a USB 2.0 port.

    The camera provides an outstanding image quality with a maximum resolution of 1080 pixels, and it can reach a frame rate of 30fps, ideal for broadcasting crystal-clear and smooth videos. And it features the CMOS image sensor that offers better video quality at any brightness level. This makes it one of the most high-end offerings in the market.

    Its 90-degree wide-angle lens comes with a manual focus function so that you always stream and video call with maximum clarity. That is to say; the item is fully equipped to serve all your webcam needs. 

    This webcam for Linux features noise-canceling mics that strengthen the voice while talking. It also reduces unwanted background noise and can pick your voice from a distance of 20 feet. So, you will be able to communicate from anywhere without any disturbance.

    To install this unit, you won’t need any tools since it comes with a rotatable clip. After attaching it to your monitor, you can adjust the angle according to your need. You can also use it by placing it on a table as it comes with a five feet long USB cord.

    Highlighted Features

    • It comes with H.264 video compression type
    • The frame rate of the webcam is 30fps
    • Equipped with CMOS image sensor
    • The viewing angle of the lens is 90 degrees

    3. NexiGo 2021 Autofocus 1080p Webcam

    NexiGo 2021 is a game-changer when it comes to webcams for Linux operating systems. They come with a promise to offer top-notch video quality along with maximum security at all times. It includes a privacy cover shield to prevent hackers from spying on you.

    The lens of this unit can automatically focus on everyone’s face in the frame. And it is equipped with color correction and automatic white balance technology to ensure that the videos look as realistic as possible.

    To connect this product to a Linux-operated laptop, you won’t need to purchase or install additional software and drivers. It will activate by just plugging in into the USB port.

    Not only video, but it is also committed to serving a high-quality audio experience to its users. Featuring noise-reducing mics, it will provide loud and clear audio to the listeners on the other end. And thanks to this microphone, you can stream or have a video call with peace even in noisy surroundings.

    Another exciting feature of this webcam is that it comes with stereo speakers that can propagate sound up to five meters in all directions. It allows you to attend meetings and calls without headphones.

    Highlighted Features

    • Features a cover shield to refuse privacy leak
    • The webcam's head can be rotated at 360 degrees angle
    • It comes with built-in omnidirectional mics and a stereo speaker
    • The wide-angle lens offers a viewing angle of 65 degrees
    • It can record 1080p videos at a frame rate of 30fps

    4. Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam

    If you are looking for a webcam that offers professional video quality, this unit by Logitech will be perfect. Logitech BRIO can deliver 4k ultra-HD videos at a frame rate of 30fps and 1080p full HD videos at a 60fps rate.

    This webcam features both infrared and optical sensors that ensure effective and secure facial recognition. Due to its incredible security system, the webcam can be used for Windows Hello for having a fast and safe login into your computer. It can also be used as a home surveillance camera.

    It comes with a shade flip, which will provide privacy and peace of mind when the webcam is not being used. So, by just flipping the shade on the lens, you can prevent anyone from looking into your room.

    Logitech brio is equipped with a premium glass lens that provides HDR and RightLight 3 technology. So, you will be able to look great in any lighting condition. It also has a 5x digital zoom and autofocus.

    The webcam features an interesting function, and that is the adjustable field of view. It offers three fields of view that include 65, 78, and 90, and you can choose one according to your streaming or calling needs.

    Highlighted Features

    • It comes with infrared and optical sensors
    • Features three viewing angle - 65, 78, and 90 degrees
    • The lens is made of heavy-duty glass that provides autofocus
    • Equipped with HDR and RightLight 3 light correction technology
    • It has dual Omni-directional microphones

    5. Anivia W8 1080p HD Webcam

    This webcam is equipped with the recently launched beauty encoding algorithm; you will always look ready and approachable on a video call. The Anivia W8 is a highly functional yet cost-effective webcam. It is compatible with any computer featuring Linux operating system and can be connected without any additional driver or software.

    Streaming games and other stuff require a lot of bandwidth, so to make it easier for you, the webcam reduces the network bandwidth of uploading the video. With this unit, you can stream like a professional since it captures smooth and sharp videos in real-time.

    Featuring low light correction technology, this camera will give you balanced and true-to-life videos in any lighting environment. And it is equipped with the recently launched beauty encoding algorithm, and you will always look ready and approachable on a video call. It also comes with adjusting exposure and color boost technology.

    If you need a webcam for Linux to conduct conference calls or arrange a call for your whole family, then this unit might interest you! The units’ glass lens offers a wide viewing angle of 75 degrees.

    We love the clear stereo audio it offers with its built-in Omni-directional microphones. It can pick-up your voice from a long distance, providing a crystal-clear conversation.

    Highlighted Features

    • It comes with 180 degrees rotatable clip
    • Features dual noise reduction omnidirectional mics
    • Captures full HD videos at a 30fps frame rate
    • The viewing angle of the webcam is 75 degrees
    • It is widely compatible with most streaming and video calling platforms

    How To Choose The Right Webcam For Linux

    Video Resolution

    The primary purpose of a webcam for Linux is to provide high-quality and clear videos, and the video resolution will determine the quality. So, the video resolution is one of the most crucial factors to consider while purchasing a webcam.

    The best webcams for ubuntu come with a minimum resolution of 720p HD videos, and it can go up to 4k. The higher the resolution, the more pleasing will be your recording and broadcasting experience.

    Without a high-resolution unit, you will experience poor and lousy video quality while streaming, conferencing, and calling. However, choose one considering your internet connection speed since a high-resolution video may lag during calls.


    Another prime factor to look for in a webcam is the microphones. A webcam with high-definition audio will enhance the overall video recording and streaming quality by many folds.

    Since a webcam's main purpose is to offer a satisfactory experience during video conferencing or one-on-one calls, so you need to pick one that provides both incredible audio and video quality. Some popular units offer dual noise-canceling mics to give the privilege of having a real-time conversation from both home and public.

    If you need a unit with heavy-duty sound quality, then you should definitely go for a unit with stereo mics as they can pick your voice from a long distance.

    Additional Features

    As you confirm a purchase, pay attention to the additional features that the webcam is offering. The essential components that will make your video capturing experience better are low light correction technology, video compression system, and autofocus. 

    The automatic low light correction technology offers a sharp and bright image in any lighting condition. And the autofocus function will ensure that you always look clear in the video.

    Another incredible feature is the H.265 compression technology, and it compresses a video while capturing one. So, choose a webcam for Linux with specific features that fulfills your needs.

    Privacy Cover

    These days, people are wary of hackers spying on the homes by hacking into the webcam when not in use. If you want to remain safe from such issues, consider the privacy system of the webcam.

    The top-tier units are equipped with a privacy shield cover to provide maximum privacy and security to the users. A webcam with incredible privacy features will also offer peace of mind, so choose one wisely.

    Final Word

    For streaming live videos or attending conference calls, superior video quality is essential. And the best webcam for Linux will be able to provide you with high-resolution videos without any issues.

    Considering all the essential factors, we have reviewed some of the top webcams for Linux offered by some popular brands. You can choose any of the webcams from our list according to your needs. It will be a worthy purchase for you.

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