Best Nylon Filament 2021

With the boom of 3D printing technology, you can print anything from prototypes to complex structures.

But it won’t be possible without a quality filament. Don’t worry! Here a nylon filament comes in; they are capable of fulfilling its users’ 3D printing expectations.

Nylon material is very tough, resistant to shocks and impacts, and offers enhanced flexibility - no wonder it is considered among the finest material for 3D printer filaments.

The best nylon filament is much healthier and safer to use as they are lead-free and chemical-free. We have analyzed the market and made comprehensive reviews of the top nylon filaments. Read ahead to know more.

List Of Top Nylon Filament

1. Dremel DF45-NYP-B Nylon 3D Printer Filament

2. Taulman3D Alloy 910 Black Nylon 3D Printing Filament

3. KODAK NYLON 6/66/12 Filament 1.75mm for 3D Printer

4. Taulman3D Black 645 Nylon Filament

5. Filabot TB1 Taulman Bridge Filament

6. Taulman3D Alloy 910 Nylon 3D Printing Filament

7. Taulman3D PA Cast Plate Nylon 3D Printing Filament

Comparison Chart For Top 7 Nylon Filaments





Dremel DF45-NYP-B

  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):230 to 250
  • Weight (lbs):1.78
  • Special Feature:High-quality finishing


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):250 to 255
  • Weight (lbs):1.0
  • Special Feature:Alloy 910 material


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):230 to 250
  • Weight (lbs):1.7
  • Special Feature:+/- 0.03 mm dimensional accuracy


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):250 to 260
  • Weight (lbs):1.0
  • Special Feature:Vacuum-sealed bag

Filabot TB1

  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):225
  • Weight (lbs):1.0
  • Special Feature:Premium color texture


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):250 to 255
  • Weight (lbs):2.20
  • Special Feature:Extrudes at low temperature


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):280 to 300
  • Weight (lbs):1.0
  • Special Feature:Ultra-high strength

Top 5 Nylon Filament Reviews

1. Dremel DF45-NYP-B Nylon 3D Printer Filament

When it comes to nylon filaments for 3D printers, Dremel is a name you can trust. This company has been providing superior quality filaments around the world, with a commitment to ensuring users’ satisfaction.

The Dremel DF45-NYP-B is specially engineered to produce strong and stable three-dimensional objects. With this product, you don’t have to give a finishing touch after printing since It creates an object with superior quality and smooth finishing.

If you are concerned about the environment, then this will surely interest you. This filament by Dremel is made of entirely biodegradable and toxic-free material, so the printed objects won’t harm the climate.

This filament boasts high flexibility, perfect to print innovative and futuristic designed items with minimal effort. You can also build 3D objects for heavy-duty usage since it features incredible strength and durability.

It comes with high dimensional stability to ensure an uninterrupted and flawless printing process. The recommended nozzle temperature to have a quality outcome is 230 to 250 degrees Celsius.

Weighing at 1.78 pounds, this spool holds enough filament to print a large number of three-dimensional items. The compatibility of this unit is minimal, and It is compatible with only the 3D45 printer.

Highlighted Features

  • It is compatible with only the Dremel 3D45 printer
  • The weight of the unit is 1.78 lbs.
  • The diameter of the filament is 1.75 mm
  • Features a surface with high-quality finishing
  • It boasts higher strength and stability

2. Taulman3D Alloy 910 Black Nylon 3D Printing Filament

If you are looking for a high-performance nylon filament to print professional-grade 3d objects, then you should definitely check out this marvelous offering by Taulman3D. The product is widely compatible with almost all 3D printers available in the market that can fit 3 mm spools.

This spectacular filament by Taulman3D is made with the worldwide favorite alloy 910 material. It is the benchmark top-notch performance 3D printer material used by professionals to print heavy-duty parts in the industries of aerospace, agriculture, automotive, health care, and more.

With this high-end filament, you can also produce 3D objects for everyday use since it offers exceptional strength to withstand the rigors of day-to-day usage. After printing any item with it, you don’t have to worry about breaking or bending it as it offers high flexibility.

Moisture can ruin the quality of a nylon filament. To maintain the integrity of the product, it comes in a vacuum-sealed package. It includes a drying agent called desiccants that will absorb the moisture and keep the product dry for an extended period of time. And we love the fact that before being packed, the items are stored in climate-controlled facilities.

Highlighted Features

  • The nylon filament is built with high-end alloy 910 material
  • It is compatible with all 3D printers featuring 3 mm spools
  • The recommended printing temperature is 250 to 255 degrees Celsius
  • It is packed with desiccants in a vacuum-sealed bag
  • The diameter of this black filament is 1.75 mm

3. KODAK NYLON 6/66/12 Filament 1.75mm for 3D Printer

KODAK is a highly flexible nylon filament that comes with immense potential to print highly durable and robust three-dimensional objects. That too, within a matter of minutes. Measuring 1.7 lbs. in weight, the unit can print up to dozens of complicated items with a single spool.

With this fantastic offering by KODAK, you can bring life to your innovative ideas. Featuring high dimensional accuracy, this nylon filament can be used to produce futuristic and sophisticatedly designed and industrial items.

The objects and parts built with this filament offer high impact resistance, perfect for printing covers to withstand mechanical stresses and blows. It is equipped with innovative functionalities to reduce wrapping and ensure the smoothness of the 3D printout. The unit also offers incredible flexibility so that you can easily bend the corners and edges for complete finishing.

To maintain the high performance for a long time, the filament is vacuum sealed with an aluminum bag. This high-quality packaging will ensure that this nylon made product holds extremely low moisture. And we love the fact that you can reuse the aluminum bag for storing since it comes with Ziploc.

This filament is totally engineered for beginners; anyone can print various 3D materials for multiple applications with minimal effort. It is widely compatible with most FDM printers available in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm
  • The weight of the spool is 1.7 pounds
  • It comes in a resealable aluminum bag
  • Made with eco-friendly natural nylon

4. Taulman3D Black 645 Nylon Filament

With chemical resistance and high strength, the Taulman3D Nylon filament can print 3D items for both professional and personal usage. It is compatible with most of the recently launched 3D printers.

Made with nylon 645, you can rest assured that the filament won’t be inconsistent and flimsy. With this marvelous offering, you can easily print out 3D objects that will last you for a lifetime. It is manufactured and packed in the USA to ensure the utmost quality.

Weighing at only one pound, this units’ spool comes with a relatively smaller quantity of filaments. However, it will effectively print half a dozen of well-designed three-dimensional products.

From aerospace to the toy industry, you can print a 3D object for it all with this filament. The nylon 645 filament offers chemical and heat resistance along with high strength, so it will be an ideal option for printing and everything.

If you are looking for a filament to print units that are safe for both kids and the elderly, then you must check this product. It is non-toxic and lead-free, even perfect to print equipment for hospitals. In fact, the item is widely used in the healthcare industry around the world.

Highlighted Features

  • The filament is made with nylon 645 material
  • It is packed in a vacuum-sealed bag along with desiccants
  • This filament is manufactured with medical-grade and food-safe material
  • The weight of its spool is 450 grams
  • Features high strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance

5. Filabot TB1 Taulman Bridge Filament

Filabot has become a popular name in the filament industry due to its commitment to ensuring flawless and superior quality printing performance. The Filabot TB1 filament comes with an astounding white color that will provide 3D objects with premium quality and an elegant look. It is equipped with low friction properties that can help you print complex objects without any issue.

Not only prototypes or designs, but this filament can also be used to print industrial equipment and engineering tools since it comes with high strength capacity. The printed objects with this product are impact-resistant and highly durable, so they won’t break or bend due to any unwanted pressure.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of storing the remaining filaments after printing, this product will be ideal. This units’ spool offers nylon filaments of one pound weight, enough to print a prototype or a couple of items.

Another interesting feature of this cost-effective filament is that it can print on an unheated 3D printer bed. However, to get the most satisfactory outcome, the recommended temperature is 225 degrees Celsius.

Highlighted Features

  • The recommended printing temperature is 225 degrees Celsius
  • Offers printing option on un-heated bed
  • It comes in white color with premium texture
  • The diameter of the filament is 1.75 mm
  • Weight of the product is 1 lb.

How To Choose The Right Nylon Filament


While purchasing a nylon filament, the flexibility needs your special consideration. It will determine the quality of the curves and corners of your 3D printed object. The higher the flexibility of a filament, the more complexly designed 3D items it can print.

Nylon filaments are mostly semi-flexible and offer high tolerance to bending. With a more flexible unit, you will be able to add any type of shading and design, so choose one wisely.

Printing Performance

The printing performance can be the determining factor while choosing a nylon filament. Top-tier filaments ensure reliable and consistent printing performance. After all, we all need a filament that will prevent tangling, clogging, and wrapping while printing a 3D object.

Prior to choosing a unit, make sure that the nylon filament is equipped with particular functionalities to prevent those issues. And also, ensure that your filament offers enhanced dimensional accuracy.

With a high performing nylon filament, you will have the option to print out prototypes, models, or even industrial equipment without any issues. So, choose one accordingly.


If you print exquisitely designed 3D units, but they break due to any unwanted pressure, then it is of no value, right? So, the durability of the nylon filament is the most crucial factor to consider. A durable filament will help you produce a durable three-dimensional product.

The nylon filament you want to purchase must be impact resistant and offer high strength capacity. From health care to the aerospace industry, a durable filament can produce 3D objects for it all. You can also save some extra bucks by using durable filaments since you won’t have to replace them frequently.

Quality Of Nylon Material

Nylon filaments are made of various qualities of nylon materials. A unit with top-tier material will provide an ultimate 3D printing experience for you.

Nylon 645 and alloy 910 are the most premium materials with which the nylon filaments are built. Along with top-notch quality, they are also environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a 3D printer filament to produce crockeries, then you should go with a nylon filament made with nylon 645. It is a food-grade material and toxic-free. Opt for a unit that meets your 3D printing needs.

Final Word

Nothing can get better than the nylon filaments to build 3D objects that can withstand mechanical stresses and rigors of everyday usage. It has progressed into a must-have filament for 3D printing since it can flawlessly print any sophisticated three-dimensional item.

 However, purchasing the best nylon filament is not as simple as it sounds. Numerous factors need your distinct consideration. To help you out, we have looked into tons of nylon filaments available in the market and handpicked the ones that are on top of their game. We hope you get the filament that meets your 3D printing needs.

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