Best Carbon Fiber Filament 2021

Are you having issues with creating and modifying the 3D prints? Don’t worry! With the right piece of carbon fiber filament, you can have a satisfying 3D printing experience with minimal effort.

Carbon fiber can be the perfect filament to print out a durable yet lightweight 3D object. This filament ensures enhanced flexibility and prevents damage due to water and other synthetics.

So, purchase the best carbon fiber filament and have a smooth and flawless 3D printout of any sophisticated design. We have reviewed some of the top carbon fiber filaments available to help you shop better for one. Check them out!

List Of Top Carbon Fiber Filaments

1. TECBEARS Carbon Fiber PLA 3D Printer Filament

2. PRILINE Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate 1KG 3D Printer Filament

3. SunTop PLA Carbon Fiber Filament

4. SUNLU Color Changing PLA Filament

5. Enotepad PLA 3D Printer Filament

6. 3D Solutech Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament

7. Stronghero3D PETG 3D Printer Filament

8. 3D BEST-Q Carbon Fiber PLA 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

Comparison Chart For Top 8 Carbon Fiber Filaments






  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):190 to 230
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.02
  • Special Feature:Corn starch material


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):240 to 260
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.03
  • Special Feature:Incredible layer adhesion


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):190 to 220
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.03
  • Special Feature:No nozzle clogging


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):190 to 220
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.02
  • Special Feature:Color changing technology


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):200 to 230
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.02
  • Special Feature:Strong layer adhesion

3D Solutech

  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):200 to 220
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.03
  • Special Feature:Ultra-smooth technology


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):230 to 250
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.05
  • Special Feature:Break-resistant


  • Printing Temperature (Celsius):190 to 220
  • Dimensional Tolerance (mm):+/- 0.03
  • Special Feature:Low shrinkage

Top 5 Carbon Fiber Filaments Reviews

1. TECBEARS Carbon Fiber PLA 3D Printer Filament

If you are looking for a decent carbon fiber filament that performs ideally with your 3D printer, then you should check out this spectacular filament by TECBEARS.

This unit is made of corn starch and PLA material, with high purity and low shrinkage, ensuring no harm to the environment. It is certified by RoHS as an environmentally-friendly product.

With this product, you can print a 3D object with smooth corners and surfaces since it features high accuracy and consistency. The units’ dimensional tolerance is +/- 0.02 mm, ideal for flawlessly printing prototypes, models, art, and various innovations.

Apart from being safe for the environment, its PLA material provides ease of printing so that anyone without any expertise can print with it. And it offers excellent fluidity, perfect for bringing life to your innovative ideas and designs with minimal effort.

To provide more stability and smoothness while printing, the filament is specially packed with desiccants in a vacuum-sealed nylon re-bag that protects it from moisture. We recommend you pack the carbon fiber filament in an aluminum foil bag to maintain its quality for long time usage.

The item is entirely tangle-free and doesn’t clog since it goes through the full mechanical winding. And it is widely compatible with most of the FDM 3D printers.

Highlighted Features

  • The dimensional accuracy is +/- 0.02 mm
  • The carbon fiber filament is made of PLA and corn starch material
  • Its recommended nozzle temperature is 190 to 230 degrees Celsius
  • This units’ weight is approximately 2.2 lbs.

2. PRILINE Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate 1KG 3D Printer Filament

When it comes to high-end carbon fiber filament, PRILINE is a name you can trust. With this polycarbonate-made 3D printer filament, you will be able to create professional-grade 3D objects right at home.

To ensure a wrap free printing experience, this carbon fiber filament offers top-notch dimensional stability. Thanks to its +/- 0.03 mm dimensional accuracy, the filament features excellent layer adhesion.

This remarkable filament is compatible with most of the 1.75 mm specification 3D printers to ensure utmost convenience. The compatible 3D printers include Ultimaker, Robo, CEL, Makergear, BCN3D, and many more. And the recommended nozzle temperature is between 240 to 260 degrees Celsius.

Featuring high heat tolerance, this 1.75 mm filament is exceptionally rigid and can hold heavy weights without any damage. Due to this stunning functionality, you can create a 3D object with it for heavy-duty usage.

This unit comes with approximately 2.2 pounds of carbon fiber filament, enough to print more than a dozen 3D objects. Its spool features a hole of 2.2-inch in which the open end of the filament can be stored to prevent tangling.

Highlighted Features

  • The diameter of this carbon fiber filament is 1.75 mm
  • It offers high dimensional stability with an accuracy rate of +/- 0.03 mm
  • This unit comes with high heat tolerance and incredible layer adhesion
  • Its recommended temperature is 240 to 260 degrees Celsius
  • It is packed in a sealed plastic bag

3. SunTop PLA Carbon Fiber Filament

The carbon fiber filament by SunTop made it to our top picks due to its superior quality functionalities and prompt printing speed. Grab this special filament for your 3D printer and have a professional-grade object in the shortest time possible.

Made of PLA and carbon fiber material, this filament is relatively more robust and sturdier than other units available in the market. The filament is completely bubble-free due to its PLA material and ensures no clogging or wrapping during printing 3D items. The printed objects with this product are environmentally friendly, pose no harm to humans, and are biodegradable.

The unit offers incredible stiffness and structural strength, perfect for printing a long-lasting 3D item. While printing, it features 30 to 40 times laser scan per second and dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm.

From artwork to prototype models, you can create everything with this 1.75 mm heavy-duty filament. It offers a smooth and sparkle shine surface finishing, providing an elegant and exquisite 3D object.

This product is compatible with all popular 3D printers; however, it doesn’t work with chipped filament cartridges. The print temperature of this 2.2 lbs. carbon fiber filament is 190 to 220 degrees Celsius.

Highlighted Features

  • The unit has a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm
  • Made of 20% carbon fiber and PLA material
  • Ensures no wrapping and no nozzle clogging
  • Widely compatible with most 1.7 mm 3D printers
  • This filaments’ printing temperature is 190 to 220 degrees Celsius

4. SUNLU Color Changing PLA Filament

SUNLU is a popular name in the 3D printer filament industry, and rightly so. The brand comes with a commitment to meet all the printing needs of its users’. This carbon fiber filament comes with innovative functionalities for an incredible 3D printout.

The filament by SUNLU is one of a kind, and it changes color according to the temperature change. If the 3D object printed with this unit is kept below 31 degrees Celsius, its color will be orange. And with the increase in temperature, the color will start getting white. However, the color will eventually fade if the filament is overexposed to sunlight.

Along with a fascinating color changing feature, it also offers top-notch printing performance. It comes with less stringing and less warping so that the printer smoothly prints the 3D item without wasting any time. This filament of diameter 1.75 mm has a dimensional accuracy level of +/- 0.02 mm, perfect to precisely print a sophisticated object.

We love the fact that this product is vacuum-sealed to keep it safe from moisture. Before packaging, the carbon fiber unit is dried for 24 hours straight and then sealed with desiccants in a nylon bag.

Highlighted Features

  • Its color is orange under 31-degree Celsius and turns white at a higher temperature
  • Features a printing speed of 50 to 90 mm/s
  • The print temperature is 190 to 220 degrees Celsius
  • It comes with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm
  • This filament is made of eco-friendly material

5. Enotepad PLA 3D Printer Filament

With durable and sturdy carbon fiber, the Enotepad 3D printer filament offers excellent structural strength. It forms a heavy bed absorption and high toughness for a perfect first layer.

The filament is ideal for making thin, hollow, and rigid structural objects since it is made of real carbon fibers. Made of PLA material, this filament is free from toxicity and is biodegradable, so it is totally safe for the environment.

This product of diameter 1.75 mm comes with enhanced diameter tolerance stability and with an accuracy rate of +/- 0.02 mm. And it is made of high purity raw materials to ensure no nozzle jamming during printing. That is to say; the filament is fully equipped to print out high-quality 3D for hours without any issues.

Its spool contains a filament of 2.2 pounds, quite a considerable amount to print more than ten complex items. The filaments’ recommended printing temperature is 200 to 230 degrees Celsius, which can be provided by most conventional 3D printers.

Filaments made of carbon fiber are extremely sensitive, and their quality can degrade due to moisture. To maintain low moisture content, this unit is vacuum sealed with desiccant.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with an accuracy rate of +/- 0.02 mm
  • The filament is made of PLA carbon fiber material
  • Ensures no nozzle jamming due to its high diameter tolerance stability
  • It is vacuum packed with desiccant
  • It offers a perfectly printed first layer with a strong layer adhesion

How To Choose The Right Carbon Fiber Filament

Diameter Tolerance

The diameter tolerance of a carbon fiber filament is crucial to consider if you want to print a 3D object with minimal effort. A unit with high dimensional tolerance will make sure that no nozzle jamming and clogging occurs during the printing process.

The best carbon fiber filament offers enhanced diameter stability so that the printing doesn’t stop in the middle of the process. It will ensure that the planes and corners are equal, and no manual finishing of the 3D object is required after being printed.

The diameter tolerance varies from unit to unit. Most filaments come with an accuracy rate of at least +/- 0.02 mm. The higher the rate, the better your printing experience will be.

Quality of Carbon Fiber

Since you are looking for a carbon fiber filament, the quality of the material is a prime factor. The better the quality of the carbon fiber, the finer will be the 3D printout.

A filament with high purity raw material and PLA carbon fiber will provide low shrinkage and help you print a long-lasting 3D item. This PLA material filament is also toxic-free and biodegradable, imposing no harm to the environment or humans.


Carbon fiber filament can print rigid, thin, and hollow 3D objects, but the filament can be damaged due to moisture and water. So, high-quality packaging is necessary to maintain the quality of the filament and have a satisfying printing experience.

The recently launched high-end carbon fiber filaments are vacuum-sealed with desiccant to ensure that no moisture gets into the pack. And some renowned brands even dry the filaments for 24 hours prior to packaging to remove water and moisture from the unit.

If you don’t want to use the filament for 3D printing all at once, then you should definitely choose a unit that comes with vacuum-sealed packaging.


The compatibility of the carbon fiber filament doesn’t necessarily relate to printing performance. Still, if the filament doesn’t work on your 3D printer, then a superior quality unit will also be useless, right?

Most 1.75 mm carbon fiber filaments are compatible with almost all renowned 1.75 mm specification 3D printers and 3D printing pens. However, check the products’ compatibility list before purchasing and pick one that is right for your 3D printer.

Final Word

Carbon fiber has become a must-have filament for 3D printers. Printing rigid and durable 3D objects has become much easier thanks to carbon fiber filaments.

The best carbon fiber filament offers outstanding layer adhesion along with maximum diameter tolerance stability.

Choosing a product from the vast array of filaments available in the market could be somewhat challenging. So, we present you with some of the top-tier units in the market, any of which will make an ideal filament for your 3D printer.

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