Best Desk For Video Editing

Best Desk For Video Editing 2021

Who doesn’t want a comfortable working space, right?

Considering the long hours, you spend on editing a video, comfort and space become prime factors. To enjoy working for hours with maximum productivity, you will need a proper video editing desk, preferably spacious.

If you are a video editor, the station where you work will play a fundamental role in your efficiency. To have proper high-end settings with multiple screens, you need the best desk for video editing. 

Considering the material, leg-space, and size, we have reviewed some of the top ones available. Have a look, and you will indeed have a better understanding of what to buy.

List Of Top 10 Desk For Video Editing

1. IRONCK Computer Desk 55"

2. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk

3. FURINNO Efficient Computer Desk

4. Walker Edison Furniture Modern L-Shaped Desk

5. TOPSKY L-Shaped Desk

6. Tribesigns H0856 Modern L-Shaped Desk

7. Tribesigns H0888 Modern L-Shaped Desk

8. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

9. Bush Business

10. Dakota L-Shaped Desk

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Desk For Video Editing






  • Materials:Wood and metal
  • Color:Vintage brown
  • Special Feature:Weight capacity of 500 lbs.


  • Materials:Metal
  • Color:Black
  • Special Feature:Elevated monitor stand

FURINNO Efficient

  • Materials:Wood and plastic tubes
  • Color:Black
  • Special Feature:Rounded edges

Walker Edison

  • Materials:Metal
  • Color:Black
  • Special Feature:Universal CPU stand


  • Materials:Wood, melamine, and metal
  • Color:Oak brown
  • Special Feature:L-shaped corner

Tribesigns H0856

  • Materials:Metal and board
  • Color:Light walnut brown
  • Special Feature:Footrest design

Tribesigns H0888

  • Materials:Board and Metal
  • Color:Black
  • Special Feature:Free SPU stand

Z-Line Designs Cyrus

  • Materials:Wood and glass
  • Color:Brown
  • Special Feature:Pull-out keyboard tray

Bush Business

  • Materials:Wood
  • Color:Natural cherry
  • Special Feature:Thermally fused laminate surface


  • Materials:MDF and particleboard
  • Color:Espresso
  • Special Feature:L-shaped corner

Best Desk For Video Editing Reviews

1. IRONCK Computer Desk 55"

If you are looking for a wide desk to edit videos with peace and comfort, then this offering by IRONCK will serve you perfectly. It can accommodate the weight of multiple monitors and won’t be shaky. You can assemble it and start working in a matter of minutes.

The desk is made of superior grade MDF board and premium metal offering its service for a long time. It has a natural finish to it, so it fits in any office and home decor. If you are looking for a stunning desk with maximum durability, then you should opt for this product by IRONCK.

The unit offers an open shelf to provide additional storage with maximum convenience. Its rack is specially designed with plenty of legroom so that you don’t bump your knees on while sitting down or getting up and can hold computer equipment like printers, speakers, and more.

If you are a full-time video editor, you know how frustrating a shaky desk is and how it negatively impacts your work’s productivity. To ensure proper stability, the unit comes with four adjustable footpads. These extraordinary footpads can provide maximum sturdiness even on uneven surfaces and will protect your floor from any scratches from the metal frame.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Features four adjustable footpads
  • Comes with an open shelf for extra storage
  • Made with P2 grade MDF and metal

2. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk

This wonderful desk by Atlantic made it to our top picks with its extraordinary features, perfect for accommodating any video editing setup in minimal setup space. The unit is built to offer you a satisfactory editing experience by providing every piece of equipment at the reach of your hand.

With this desk, you don’t have to worry about space management. The product comes with an elevated stand to hold multiple screens, an under-desk basket, built-in wire management, a cup holder, and a smartphone stand. These features free up a lot of valuable space and will make working long hours hassle-less.

To provide you with close-up comfort and enough room for multiple devices, the product comes with a curved front. With this unit, you can look up close to your monitors without hurting your ribs.

Since you are a video editor, you need to hear crystal clear audio, and for that, you might need multiple speakers and headphones. However, managing them on a table can be a challenging task. With this desk, you don’t have to worry about that as it features speakers and headphone holders to offer hassle-free space management.

If you quite often shift your home or workspace, then you should opt for this unit. Made of carbon fiber and steel, this desk for video editing can be folded and carried around comfortably without any damage to it.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an elevated monitor stand
  • Can be folded for carrying around
  • Made with carbon fiber
  • Features cup and speaker holders

3. FURINNO Efficient Computer Desk

FURINNO has made a name for itself by providing high-quality desks while ensuring a satisfactory service to users. The unit serves as a delightful space for any video editing.

The product is engineered to hold various items like speakers, headphones, inverter, and other materials that you might need to edit your videos. The desk is crafted with three shelves for supporting heavy items without any difficulty.

If your room doesn’t have enough space, then the desk for video editing by FURINNO can make the right choice for you as it requires minimal storage space. Although the table is compact, you will get enough leg space to work for long hours without any leg pain as it comes with a leg rest.

The product is made of composite wood, so you can either keep it natural or customize the desk according to your taste. It also features plastic tubes; hence it is naturally moisture-resistant and won’t decay or damage due to water spills.

As a video editor, you’ll be working for a long time at a single sitting and can unconsciously hurt your elbow or hand on the corners of the table. To get rid of this risk, the unit comes with rounded corners to provide maximum safety for you.

Highlighted Features

4. Walker Edison Furniture Modern L-Shaped Desk

If you have a high-end, multiple monitors video editing setup, then this will be the perfect desk for you. It can hold more than three monitors, along with speakers and an additional laptop, so that this multifunctional desk will meet all your needs.

The desk stands out in the market with an innovative design that wins points for both convenience and style. The exquisite glass surface of the unit is a treat for your eye.

This L-shaped desk is built for corners of the room. With this unit, you can adequately utilize every part of your room and have all your desk space needs fulfilled.

Weighing 57 pounds, the unit is one of the sturdiest desks in the market. This heavy-duty unit won’t shake while you work on it, ensuring maximum efficiency for your work.

As a video editor, you’ll need a lot of desk space to place all your devices. The product features a keyboard, headphone, CPU stand to offer maximum convenience. And the frames are very sturdy and durable; you can type comfortably on the pull-out keyboard tray.

To further add to your convenience, the table can be easily installed and uninstalled with just a pair of screwdrivers. You can simply pack it and carry it while shifting.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a universal CPU stand
  • The top surface is covered with glass
  • L-shaped desk for corners of the room
  • Can accommodate multiple monitors
  • Extremely easy to set up

5. TOPSKY L-Shaped Desk

Being an L-shaped desk, this unit can serve you with a wide workspace and proper comfort.

The desk from TOPSKY will be perfect for you if you are looking for a workstation that offers proper leg space so that you can work comfortably. 

It is designed keeping the needs of video editors in mind. It measures 140 cm wide and 60 cm deep, ample space to support all your editing equipment. You can place multiple screens along with other gadgets on this desk. This product also has a capacity to hold weight up to 300 pounds.

We love the fact that this unit is exceptionally sturdy. And we are sure you’ll also love its solid and thick steel frame with an epoxy coating that provides stability. You can also adjust the height of the legs of this unit. It can be very beneficial for people who have uneven floors. 

If you like to use natural and eco-friendly items, you should go for this product. It is built with synthetic wood and CARB P2 class board, which are environmentally friendly and skin-friendly.

It is looks exquisite and sleek owing to its bevel edge design. This desk will look unique and enhance the elegance of your working space.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 1 mm thick adjustable steel leg
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • The body is constructed with a thick steel frame
  • Provide a tremendous leg space
  • 55 inches wide L-shaped desk

How To Choose The Right Desk For Video Editing


The tables’ size is the most significant feature to consider while buying a desk for video editing. After all, you’ll need a unit that will reliably hold all your editing devices and provide proper leg space.

If you have a dual-monitor setup with a heavy-duty CPU, then you should go for a desk with a capacity to hold three monitors to have enough space for other items.

To have the best desk for video editing, you should look for one that offers proper leg space to work comfortably. And there is no reason for purchasing an excessively enormous table for your office, so ensure you take estimations before buying one.

Weight Capacity

You’ll need multiple monitors and a high-end CPU for editing videos, which can be quite heavy for a regular desk to hold. So, while choosing a desk, go for one with a high weight capacity if you don’t want your table for video editing to crack while working.


Since you’ll be editing high-definition videos, you don’t want your desk to be shaky. Video editors know the distress that a trembling working table can cause. That’s why heavier desks with superior quality materials for video editing make ideal options.

The desks for editing videos are made out of a wide range of materials - metal, wood, glass, and more. It comes down to which ones are strong enough for your utilization and which desks vibe you like.

Apart from the stability that the high-quality materials offer, desks made of premium materials will also last longer, and it won’t suddenly break. So, choose a desk with quality material and take your editing experience to the next level.


Desks come with different designs and corners to fit in every workspace. It can fit both standard walls and corners of the room. The desks for video editing can be either standard L- shape model or have a 90-degree point on the back. You should choose where your work area will be, and decide if you need an L-shaped desk or not.

Additional Shelf

For editing videos, you might need other pieces of equipment to work for a long time comfortably. To store the items, you will find the need for added shelves on the desk.

 If you don’t want to set up your CPU on the table, additional compartments are a must-have feature. Choose a desk with compartments to meet all your storage needs.

Final Word

To have a satisfactory video editing experience, a top-tier desk providing the utmost comfort and space is crucial. They come in modern design, providing ample space to accommodate all your items.

With the best desk for video editing, you can work all day without hurting your legs or elbows as they come with safety measures. And they feature plenty of space, so you also don’t have to fumble with your equipment.

To help you understand what to expect while choosing a unit, we have reviewed some of the finest desks for video editing. You can choose one that meets your needs.

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