Best Sublimation Ink 2021

Thinking about starting a customized merchandise business? You can set one up easily. All you need is an inkjet printer and sublimation ink to get going!

You can have very high-quality prints on t-shirts, mugs, etc. as long as you’re not looking for white sublimation ink as it doesn’t exist! You can combine the basic CMYK palette to produce a host of colors and gradients.

Apart from business purposes, you can use sublimation ink for customizing gifts. After all, who wouldn’t like having the photo of their newborn baby on a decorative plate!

In this guide, you will learn all about choosing the best sublimation ink for your business or hobby. However, keep in mind that you need to know which printer you’ll use for sublimation as there are compatibility issues to be considered.

Read on to discover a colorful world you can create with sublimation ink!

List of Top 9 Sublimation Inks

1. Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink Refill

2. CoYlBod Sublimation Ink For Artisan

3. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink

4. NUGU Sublimation Ink, High Density Professional Sublimation Refill Inks

5. TBTeek Sublimation Ink

6. INKXPRO Sublimation Refillable Cartridge Kit

7. AOPANE Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

8. Subnnur Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

9. Topcolor Sublimation Ink

Comparison Chart For Top 9 Sublimation Inks





Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink Refill

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Special Feature: 3-Layer Filter

CoYlBod Sublimation Ink For Artisan

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 6
  • Special Feature: Anti-Clog Multilayers.

Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Special Feature: Anti-Drying And Anti-Leak Pack.

NUGU Sublimation Ink, High Density Professional Sublimation Refill Inks

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 6
  • Special Feature: Both Direct And Heat Printing.

TBTeek Sublimation Ink

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Special Feature: High Heat Transfer Printing Rate.

INKXPRO Sublimation Refillable Cartridge Kit

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Special Feature: Auto Reset Chips.

AOPANE Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Special Feature: Micron 3-Stage Filtration.

Subnnur Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Special Feature: Ultrafiltration.

Topcolor Sublimation Ink

  • Pack Size: 100-Milliliter
  • Color Variations: 4
  • Special Feature: Anti-Cracking Formula.

Best Sublimation Ink Reviews

1. Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink Refill

Printers Jack 400 ml sublimation ink is suitable for all Epson sublimation printers. Use it to print your favorite designs on a wide range of substrates like ceramic mugs and plates, pillowcases, phone cases, T-shirts, mousepads, and more.

Using thermal printing technology, you can use this water-based sublimation ink can produce designs that are vibrant and lifelike. Since it has a 3-layer filter, it can be comfortably used in the heat transfer method of printing.

You will not find your printing head getting clogged. As a result, the printing is always smooth.

The convenient packaging makes it easy to refill and use this product. Its anti-UV and waterproof properties make it lightfast and wash-fast, preventing the designs from getting faded. That’s why all your designs will last for a long time.

Make sure you choose only polyester fabric o any substrate with a coating when using this sublimation ink as it’s not suitable for cotton.

The colors in this kit include cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Each bottle contains 100 ml of ink.

Besides being safe to use, the product is tested thoroughly before being marketed. The refillable packs are there so that you can reuse them.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 vibrant colors in 100-ml recyclable bottles.
  • Compatible with all Epson sublimation printers.
  • 3-layer filter for smooth heat transfer.
  • UV-resistant to ensure lightfast and wash-fast properties.
  • Suitable only for polyester, not cotton.

2. CoYlBod Sublimation Ink For Artisan

CoYlBod Sublimation Ink is compatible with all types of inkjet printers so that you can easily customize t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, mousepads, and a whole lot of other merchandizes.

Each bottle in the set contains 100 milliliters each of six colors including cyan, black, magenta, and yellow colors. If you want to use this product on fabric, make sure you select one that has less than 30% cotton.

The high saturation of the ink produces vibrant and bold colors every time. The multi-layered ink ensures the printer head doesn’t become clogged or damaged and produces smooth prints consistently.

With the fast-drying nature of this product, you can save time and print more designs in less time. Also, the ink is anti-UV and waterproof to ensure your prints last long and strong. Plus, it has anti-scratch elements that will leave your mugs and cups as good as new.

The ink refilling needles included in the kit as accessories are for your convenience so that you can refill the cartridges without any mess.

It’s advised to prepare a continuous ink supply system or have the cartridges refilled properly so that your printing project need not to be halted abruptly.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for all types of inkjet printers.
  • 6 bold colors in 100-milliliter bottles.
  • Multi-layered ink for a consistently smooth outcome.
  • UV-resistant and waterproof for durable prints.
  • Refilling needles are included for easy refilling.

3. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink – Cheapest Sublimation Ink

If you own an Epson Deskjet printer, then you can buy Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink as it’s compatible with it.

The vibrant prints of your designs will come alive on a wide array of products – mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases, shoes, suitcases, phone cases, canvas bags, caps, etc.

Each of the four colors comes in a convenient 100-milliliter pack that makes it easy to fill the cartridges. Create unique prints by combining black, yellow, cyan, and magenta.

The bottles can be sealed tightly so that there’s no chance of the ink leaking or getting dried up.

Manufactured to be eco-friendly, this product doesn’t emit any harmful gas or chemical. This makes it safe to use for everyone.

A pair of protective gloves and four syringes are included in the kit to make refilling a mess-free process while protecting your hands.

This is a cost-effective sublimation ink as users have mentioned how there is leftover even after filling your cartridges. You can use the extra later on. The product is great for beginners who need not make a heavy investment but they still get bold and good quality results.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with all Epson Deskjet printers.
  • Can be used on cloth caps, bags, and other products like mugs, etc.
  • 4 colors come in a convenient 100-milliliter bottle.
  • Tight seal to prevent drying and leaking.
  • Safe for the environment and the user.

4. NUGU Sublimation Ink, High Density Professional Sublimation Refill Inks Made By InkTec In Korea

This sublimation ink is made in Korea and promises professional quality and bold results.

In the kit, you get 6 colors, each packed in a 100-milliliter easy-to-use bottle. Besides the usual cyan, yellow, black, and magenta, you also get light cyan and light magenta.

The product has a fast-drying quality that saves time and enables you to take more prints in less time.

Its unique proposition is that you can do both transfer and direct printing with this sublimation ink, making it universal and widely popular.

What’s more, you can use the ink with a refillable cartridge or a continuous ink supply system.

Choose any substrate with any texture and the ink won’t fail to produce consistent high-quality and vibrant prints, thanks to its high density. Try it on shot glasses, mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, mousepads, etc. to see for yourself. It sits well on plastic surfaces as well as polyesters and mixed synthetic fabrics.

As the product is free from harmful chemicals, it scores high on the eco-friendly parameter.

Highlighted Features

  • High-density and made in Korea for superior quality.
  • Universally applicable with both heat and direct transfer.
  • Fast dries to enable more prints in less time.
  • 6 colors that include light magenta and light cyan.
  • Eco-friendly and free from harsh chemicals.

5. TBTeek Sublimation Ink 

TBTeek sublimation ink is compatible with a wide range of inkjet printers. You can choose this for printing your designs on mugs, pillowcases, phone cases, t-shirts, mousepads, cloth bags and caps, and many other merchandising materials.

The low viscosity of the product ensures it doesn’t clog or damage the printer head. You are guaranteed natural, error-free, and smooth prints that are vivid and bold.

The ink dries fast, is UV-resistant, and, therefore, resistant to fading. The ink makes your products last a long time. With the syringes included in the set, you don’t need to buy these separately to refill cartridges. Thus, you end up saving time and money. Plus, the needles foster ease of operation.

The four colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black – are packed in 100-milliliter bottles. The high heat transfer printing rate ensures the colors are reproduced perfectly on ceramic and synthetic fabric substrates.

On top, the sublimation ink is eco-friendly as it contains no harsh chemicals and doesn’t emit any smell when used.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with many inkjet printers.
  • Natural and vibrant prints with a high heat transfer printing rate.
  • UV-resistant for anti-fading and durable prints.
  • A fast-drying formula for more prints in less time
  • Clog-free feature to ensure smooth prints.

How To Choose The Best Sublimation Ink


First stop, you need to make sure your printer is compatible with sublimation. As you need a different type of ink for sublimation, not all printers are suited for it. You can use sublimation ink in inkjet printers.

Some printers do not recommend using sublimation ink of any brand other than the one they recommend.

Color Profiles

Some printers can have the color profile managed to give a high color accuracy. You need sophisticated software for this function. However, if you want to avoid such complicated processes, choose a sublimation ink without profiles so that you can print easily.

Color Reproduction Quality

You want to see the same color you see on your design as on the final print on your t-shirt or coffee mug. The color reproduction quality of the sublimation ink is a factor to be considered before you choose to buy one.

To ensure you are buying the right sublimation ink, check some color swatches do some test printing.

Compatible Substrates

You need to be sure that the sublimation ink you choose is compatible with the substrates where you want to transfer the designs. Some sublimation inks are not at all suitable for cotton while others allow up to 30% of the cotton composition in the fabric.

To make the most of your sublimation ink, check whether you can use it to print on ceramics, polyesters, and canvas shoes, bags, etc.


Choose a sublimation ink that is at least 3-layered so that it won’t clog the head of your printer, damaging it as well as the prints. Multilayered simulation inks produce smooth prints without harming your printer.

UV-Resistant And Waterproof

Choose a sublimation ink that is UV-resistant and waterproof so that your prints don’t fade away and last for a long time. Check the label to see if these properties are mentioned before buying a sublimation ink.


Another important factor to consider before you buy a sublimation ink is that whether it has anti-cracking properties. Suppose you’ve printed your favorite bird design on a tote bag. After a few days, you notice that part of the design has started to crack and is coming off, leaving an ugly design in its wake.

To prevent such disasters, check to see if the sublimation ink promises against peeling and cracking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Sublimation Ink?

Most research points toward Printers Jack as the topmost sublimation ink. At a reasonable price, it delivers superior results in terms of color vibrancy, and color reproduction. Moreover, it is compatible with a wide range of printers and can be used on many types of materials.

2. Is All Sublimation Ink The Same?

No, the quality of sublimation ink will differ from one to another. As a rule of thumb, you get better quality of sublimation ink if you pay more for it. A cheap sublimation ink consists of water mostly, failing to produce vivid prints and susceptible to fading away too soon.

Moreover, if the sublimation ink is not using pure color, the printing results would not be optimal. Also, if the dye particle of the sublimation ink is not small enough, the designs would be granular. 

3. Do You Need Special Ink For Sublimation?

Yes, you need a dye sublimation ink that can turn from solid to a gaseous form when transferring a design from the paper to the fabric or any other substrate. In high temperatures, this type of ink turns into gas and bonds well with fabrics.

4. Is Sublimation Ink Waterproof?

Yes, all sublimation inks are waterproof. However, before you buy them, check the label and make sure it’s written water-resistant or waterproof there. This is to ensure your designs are fade-resistant.

5. Can I Use Regular Printer For Sublimation?

The type of printing technology used by a printer determines if it can be used for sublimation. If it operates using heat or thermal printing technology, then it can’t be used for sublimation. Only printers that use pressure technology or Piezo for printing can be used for sublimation.

You can use either Epson or Ricoh from Sawgrass printers as these come equipped with the right printer head for sublimation. Cosmos sublimation ink that is perfect for these brands of printers.

Final Word

There are plenty of options to choose from various brands of sublimation ink. Most of these give you professional results that don’t fade away with washing or being exposed to the sun. Moreover, these give you great color reproduction, making your designs look natural and full of life.

As long as you consider the main factors before buying, you can end up with purchasing the best sublimation inks. It allows you to make your unique designs wearable or great for displays. With a simple inkjet printer and a kit of sublimation ink, you’re all set for your home business or hobby.

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