Best Printer For Stickers 2021

Printers are an integral part of a lot of businesses today. You need it day and night, which means you need one that promises to deliver. When going to buy one, you will find that the type of printer can vary depending on what you need.

While some will excel at printing photos, other at documents and so on. Sticker business similarly requires a printer specific to its job. For a sticker business, printers are like the heart of the business, they keep it running.

For this you need a sturdy printer which can meet your demands. At this point you might get a little confused on what to exactly look for. But fear not. If you want to buy the best printer for stickers, look no further.

Our article covers some of the top models in the market today, along with their details and comparisons to make your decision easier.

list of Top 10 Printers For Stickers

1. HP ENVY 5055

2. Canon TS9120

3. Epson WorkForce WF-7710

4. Canon Pixma Pro-100

5. Brother MFC-J805DW

6. Canon Pixma MG3620

7. Epson Stylus C88+

8. Canon PIXMA TR8520

9. Canon Pixma iX6820

10. HP OfficeJet 5255

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Printers For Stickers



Resolution (dpi)

Dimension (inch)

Specialty Feature


HP ENVY 5055

4800 x 1200 (color)
1200x1200 (monochrome)

17.52 x 14.45 x 5.04

2.2 mono touchscreen

Canon TS9120

4800 x 1200

14.2 x 14.7 x 5.6

5 inch LCD touchscreen

Epson WorkForce WF-7710

4800 x 2400

32.2 x 22.3 x 13.4

250 sheet tray

Canon Pixma Pro-100


15.2 x 27.2 x 8.5


Brother MFC-J805DW


17.1 x 13.4 x 7.7

150 sheet tray capacity

Canon Pixma MG3620

4800 x 1200

12 x 17.7 x 6

9.9 IPM Black / 5.7 IPM Color.

Epson Stylus C88+

5760 x 1440

18.11 x 12.2 x 17.2

23 ppm Mono / 14 ppm Color Print

Canon PIXMA TR8520

4800 x 1200

14.4 x 17.3 x 7.5

4.3 inch LCD screen

Canon Pixma iX6820

9600 x 2400

23 x 12.3 x 6.3


HP OfficeJet 5255


17.53 x 22.22 x 7.81

2.2 inch touchscreen

5 best Printers For Stickers Reviews

1. HP ENVY 5055 |Best Inkjet Printer For Stickers & Waterproof Level

An affordable buy from HP, the ENVY 5055 is a great buy for those who want an all-in-one printer for their work. Besides printing, you can also use this for all your scanning and copying needs.

To make use easier it also comes with a 2.2 inch mono touchscreen. As you know, we are all very accustomed to touchscreens today to operate devices, so this one simply makes use easier.

Wireless printing and Bluetooth lets you use the device even when you are not around. All you have to do is put in your command from your phone or tablet, and the work will be done as scheduled.

This is ideal for those who work on the run. Since you cannot always carry your printer, this function will help you out. The HP Smart app is a dedicated app for HP printers that lets you manage all your printing tasks from the palm of your hand.

Two sided printing is another feature we all love. Although you will not need it for stickers, think of the other times you can use it.

Office work always requires printing, and two sides in one go is a great feature for when you have a ton of papers to go through.

Highlighted Features

  • Input capacity is 100 sheets, output is 25 sheets
  • Includes scan, copy and print function
  • Has 10ppm (black) and 7ppm (color) speed
  • Features auto 2 sided print

  • 2. Canon TS9120 | Best Printer For Planner Stickers

    Another all-in-one printer, this time from Canon, the TS9120 will provide you with a heap of features you will appreciate around your office. First of all let us talk about the wireless connectivity.

    Now this is something we all require today in our devices, and the TS9120 is no different. It comes with Bluetooth technology as well to help you speed up your work.

    Connect this to your tablet or smartphone and you can print out all your stickers with ease, without even having to move. You can also print directly from cloud storages or even social media.

    This saves you the trouble of connecting all these different sites for a print. The creative filters you get on this printer is unique as you don’t find this everywhere. Before printing out your desired photo, you can enhance it using the filters provided.

    From changing highlights to brightness to color tones, you can do it all using this function. For ease of use, even for those who are not tech savvy, the TS9120 features a 5.5 inch touchscreen.

    Being spacious you will not have trouble navigating, or putting in commands for your work. The last feature we want to mention is the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disc Printing.

    Using this you can insert your old discs and have the pictures printed out. A nice way to relive your past memories and store them too

    Highlighted Features

    • Comes with 6 individual ink systems
    • Features duplex printing for fast prints
    • Has memory card support for storage
    • Creative filters allow for photo enhancement 

    3. Epson WorkForce WF-7710 | Best Printers For Making Stickers

    Another find from Epson, the WorkForce WF-7710 is a good choice for a professional setting. Being a wide format printer, this lets you print up to sizes of 11x17 inches. Borderless prints can be done up to 13x19 inches.

    This makes it versatile and lets you print a lot of different sorts of papers. It also saves time to print in large formats, instead of going in small batches. A great choice for stickers, because now you can get more in lesser time.

    Powered by PrecisionCore, the WorkForce WF-7710 promises to deliver the top most quality you can get from a printer. Paper handling is a big function for office printers.

    You will usually have lots of papers to go through, so the right functions are needed to make this go smooth. The 250 sheet tray lets you rest while the printer goes through them.

    It also comes with a rear feed for your specialty paper, as well as a 125 sheet output tray. The auto document feeder on top of all this makes sure papers keep going even if you are not.

    Altogether, it makes work fast and efficient. You also get the auto two sided print, or the duplex printing.

    With this feature you can print on both sides of a paper in one go, and you know how important that can be when you have lots of papers on hand.

    Highlighted Features

  • Lets you print borderless pictures
  • Uses less power making it economical
  • Allows large scans for artwork
  • 4.3 inch touchscreen makes navigation easy

  • 4. Canon Pixma Pro-100 |Best Printer For Vinyl Stickers

    For professional quality prints, look to none other than Canon. Known for their well-made printers, the Pixma Pro-100 is another gem of a printer from their line. Coming with an optical resolution of 4800 dpi, you know you will only get the finest results from this one.

    Print qualities will be unmatched and you will experience the smoothest color gradients, and the most vibrant prints. The 8-ink ChromaLife100+ system is what lets the printer achieve such impeccable outcomes.

    Next you have the Optimum Image Generating or the OIG system. This uses two separate technologies. The first is a mixing balance of inks that does an analysis to find the right combination of inks for the print you want.

    The second sees the balance of color reproductions, checks the tonal gradations and sees that glossiness is uniform-you want this when printing stickers!

    Lastly, wireless printing is enabled to let you access your printer without being near it. You can directly print from your digital camera, mobile phone or any Apple device thanks to AirPrint.

    Highlighted features

  • Features 8 dye based inks
  • AirPrint lets you print directly from Apple devices
  • Comes with two way paper feeding
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows access to multiple users

  • 5. Brother MFC-J805DW  |Best Printer For Sticker Business

    The key feature of the MFC-J805DW from Brother is the Inkvestment function. The worst part about printers is refilling of inks. It is a hassle, not to mention is expensive. This printer gets rid of this step for a fun experience.

    The ink cartridges are re engineered so it can hold more than your regular ones. It helps to store more ink and prevents your frequent cartridge changing.Besides storing more ink, the printer also notifies you of the amount of ink used.

    This eliminates the need for guesswork, so you can continue printing without worrying about a refill. It will be shown to you in a numerical way, so you can properly keep track.

    Mobile printing lets you use the printer in accordance with your laptop, desktop and even cloud storages without any physical connection. Alongside all of these, it is also an all-in-one printer. So after printing, you can also scan and copy your documents using the same device.

    Highlighted Features

  • Comes with mobile printing
  • Features a 3000 page yield
  • Has a speed of 12ppm (monochrome) and 6 ppm(color)
  • 20 sheet auto document feeder
  • Printer For Stickers Buying Guide


    When it comes to printers, one of the first and foremost key points is the resolution. The best sticker printers will be those that give out high resolution prints.

    You can have a top notch printer, but if the print quality is not what you want, you will be disappointed. Not to mention your business will not profit from it either. The resolution is always provided with the printer models.

    They come as dots per inch or dpi. Naturally the higher the dpi you see, the better the resolution you get, hence clearer pictures. Lower budget printers will usually come with a 300 dpi, which is suitable for document printing.

    If you have colorful stickers, this will not suffice.Try to opt for at least 600 dpi, which is what you will find on most printers today. You can obviously go higher from here.

    Some modern models even come with a whopping 4800 dpi for the most top notch resolution you can want. These will also cost you more.


    Printing speed is also a very important factor when buying printers. This is especially important if you are buying this for business or work purposes.

    Even if you have a great printer, a slow speed will slow down your business, and hence your profit. Speed can be found as ppm or pages per minute.

    The higher the number, the higher speed you get. Once again, try to go for the highest you can accommodate in your price range. This will ensure a smooth business operation.


    Often times in businesses, you need more than one machine. If your work requires more than just a sticker printer, you can look for more in one device.

    In this modern era we have multiple functions integrated into one, and your printer can be that. There are numerous all-in-one printers today that also take care of copying, scanning and even faxing!

    These come at a little higher price, but definitely lower than what individual machines would cost. Not to mention it also saves your space.


    These days we want to be able to print from multiple destinations. This means our printer should be compatible with multiple devices. For this look for USB ports that let you connect easily to different devices.

    Also look for wireless and mobile connectivity which really increases your productivity by letting your print remotely from anywhere you want.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What Kind Of Printer Do You Need To Print Stickers?

    To print stickers, you won’t need any special kind of printer. A four-color inkjet printer will be perfect for printing stickers. However, if the sticker requires dynamic colors and requires more apparent variety, you will need a printer of inkjet printing technology with at least six cartridges.

    2. What Printer Is Best For Making Stickers?

    Stickers have various designs and colors; some might even have dynamic colors. So, the ideal printer for making stickers should have at least four ink cartridges to meet all the color needs of a sticker. It should also feature a 1200 dpi print resolution since a stickers’ design can be quite complex.

    3. How Do You Make Stickers At Home?

    Making stickers at home is reasonably simple and doesn’t require a huge period of time. First, you will need to create a design of the sticker and provide the best color variants. Then, you will have to place the sticker paper on the tray of the inkjet printer and print the stickers.

    4. Is Inkjet Or Laser Better?

     For printing stickers, inkjet printers are better than laser printers. Inkjet printers are more likely to provide a better result while printing color documents and pictures since they use liquid ink cartridges. The stickers come in various designs and colors; as a result, inkjet printers will be better for printing them.

    Final Word

    If your business is one that revolves around printing, than you must spend some time looking for the right features. Without it, your business will become inefficient and will not flourish.

    The same applies for a sticker business. You will want the best printer for sticker printing, and for that take a quick look at this article. Here you will find a good selection, all catering to your printing needs.

    We are sure a few minutes spent here will make things clear to you. You can now make an educated decision on which printer to go for and make your purchase.

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