Best Chairs For Breastfeeding

Best Chairs For Breastfeeding 2021

In the 21st century, ‘ergonomics’ is a commonly used term in the marketing community for household products. It is the study of the relationship that exists between a machine and its user.

Modern day manufacturers carefully keep the needs of the target customers in mind while manufacturing or upgrading a product.

So, which chair would be the best chair for breastfeeding? A mom needs to nurse her baby regularly for the first year. This first year is crucial for the health of both the child and the mother. Though breastfeeding has a number of benefits for both the individuals, but the mother has to make plenty of health-related sacrifices.

This article will guide you through the needs of the post-natal world and the design of nursing chairs to sufficiently fulfill those needs.

list of Top 10 Chairs For Breastfeeding

1. StorkCraft Hoop Glider

2. Angel Line Windsor Glider

3. Baby Relax Mikayla Glider

4. DaVinci Olive Glider

5. Graco Parker Glider

6. Delta Children Blair Nursery Glider

7. Pemberly Row Custom Glider

8. Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Glider

9. Delta Children Emerson Upholstered Glider

10. Coaster Home Furnishings Glider

Top 10 Chairs For Breastfeeding Comparison Chart



Seat Dimension

Foot Rest

Weight Limit (Pounds)


StorkCraft Hoop Glider

18” D x 18” W x 17.5” H



Angel Line Windsor Glider




Baby Relax Mikayla Glider

21” D x 22” W x 21.5” H

Pull-out and fold-in


DaVinci Olive Glider

21” D x 22” W x 16.25” H



Graco Parker Glider


Pull-out and fold-in


Delta Children Blair Nursery Glider

23.25” D x 19.25” W x 19.75” H



Pemberly Row Custom Glider

29” D x 35” W x 37.5” H



Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Glider

37” D x 30” W x 41.8” H

Pull-out and fold-in


Delta Children Emerson Upholstered Glider

18.75” D x 21.75” W x 18.75” H



Coaster Home Furnishings Glider




Best Breastfeeding Chairs Reviews

1. StorkCraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Cushions-Best Nursing Chair For Breastfeeding

There is no right or wrong way to nurse a little one, but the rule of thumb is that the mother must be in a comfortable position. An effective way a mother can ensure that is by getting herself a relaxing seat or recliner to nurse her baby.

Stork Craft has brought a cushioned glider seat specially made for nursing moms. The back reclining part and the two arms of the chair are cushioned so that the muscle stress on the back and biceps is taken care of.

Now both the mother and the baby will be cradled to a sweet slumber by the rocking characteristic of the chair. Yes, the chair mildly rocks back and forth with the help of the ball bearings that are attached to the upper and lower pivot joints. Every chair comes with a matching cushioned foot-rester stool which will keep your body aligned with your backbone, giving you the maximum comfort.

To meet the décor of any nursery, the chair and the footrester are available in several colors—black/grey, Espresso/beige, white/pink, white-taupe swirl, just to name a few. The chair comes in parts which need to be assembled and the assembly requires minimal effort and time.

Product Highlights:

  • The fabric used for cushioning is polyester—easy to clean
  • The chairs are generous in size—29”long x 40”high x 27.5” wide
  • The ottoman foot-resters size—14.5” high x 20” wide
  • The arm cushions have pockets to keep essentials you may need
  • The base of the glider is made of solid hardwood

  • 2. Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion- Best Rocking Chair For Breastfeeding

    The most comfortable position for a new mother is sitting or lying position. Instead of lying down horizontally on a bed, it is better for her if she sits in a half-reclined posture so that she can keep an eye on her baby suckling. What better way could there be, than to sit on an arm-chair or a recliner?

    Angel Line presents their new collection of chairs for mothers of newborns which are a beautiful combination of an arm-chair and a recliner, along with a foot-rester Ottoman as the cherry on top! The chairs are humongous with padded arms and backs, so no more biceps and neck pains for the mother!

    Angel Line has designed their chairs ergonomically to suit all needs of moms. There are pouches available on the arms of these chairs to house all emergency essentials of the mother so that she does not need to get up during nursing.

    The chairs have ball bearings at the pivot joints to rock the chair gently back and forth, so that both the mother and the baby get some shut-eye. The ottoman foot-resters are also cushioned for an amazing comfort to the foot and calf muscles.

    Product Highlights:

    • Dimensions—24.8”x 25.8” x 39.5”
    • The material of the cushions of the chair is microfiber
    • The cushions are removable for easy spot cleaning
    • The chair rocks back and forth and comes with a matching Ottoman

    3. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider Recliner Chair-Best Recliner Chair For Breastfeeding

    One of the commonest complaints of mothers who are nursing their babies is back pain. Busy moms who need to juggle a professional life as well as personal, often find themselves neglecting their own health during nursing sessions.

    There are moms who slouch while nursing their babies, something that must be prevented at all cost. Slouching puts a lot of strain on the mother’s neck and shoulders, and also places an unwanted discomfort on the suckling baby.

    That’s where Baby Relax recliners come into action! Ergonomically designed for the mother and her newborn, these chairs would allow you to swivel, glide and recline. It is an all-in-one chair, which are available in both linen and microfiber constructions, and with some evergreen luxurious colors—mocha and gray, which fit with almost every type of home décor!

    The chairs are equipped with ball bearings which will allow the user to swivel and glide comfortably. There is a slide-out foot-rester which can be used according to need and convenience. The backrest upholstery has a button-tufted look, and the details of the cushioning have welt-trim elegance.  

    Product Highlights:

    • The cushions are sturdy, foam-filled constructions
    • Dimensions—30” L x 37” W x 49.75” H
    • Available in gray, beige and graphite grey, in both linen and microfiber

    4. DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

    Two widely popular breastfeeding positions among moms all over the world are the “cradle hold” and the “cross cradle hold”. In both these classic nursing positions however, a lot of strain is imposed on the biceps muscles. Supporting breastfeeding pillows under the baby helps, but the neck and back pain is still unavoidable.

    Da Vinci glider chairs play an effective role in reducing the ordeals of a mother. A brand name serving premium quality products for more than 25 years, these chairs present a high and generous back-rest, so the mothers receive an excellent head and neck support.

    The seat cushions are sturdy with upholstered polyester construction and the armrests are superbly comfortable. Now moms can place their elbows on something soft for a change!

    Not to mention, the glider comes equipped with ball bearings which make the chair glide mildly back and forth, like a baby’s cradle, and the chairs can be made to swivel as well. With the glider, comes matching fabric ottomans for foot-resting purposes to give an unparalleled comfort much required by a breastfeeding mom.

    Product Highlights:

    • Huge upholstered backrest with dimensions—31.5” D x 27.8” W x 39.5” H
    • Ottoman dimensions-- 16” D x 17” W x 21” H
    • Polyester fabric is ecofriendly—no flame retardants, PBDEs or CH2Os
    • Available in various colors—cream, dark grey, navy

    5. Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

    Breastfeeding chairs by Stork Craft are chairs which every nursing mom wants. Moms love to hold their precious angels in their arms in different positions for nursing purposes. Though mother-baby bonding times are something to look forward to, but one of the biggest drawbacks of holding babies for 30-45 minutes at a stretch during nursing sessions could prove to be quite agonizing for moms.

    Moms need nursing too, and keeping this in mind the chairs of Stork Craft are designed. The Graco Parker semi-upholstered gliders and ottomans are super plush and ultra comfortable. The constructions are of polyester upholstery therefore extremely easy to clean them, thus fit for a family with a newly-arrived member who is quite sensitive to pollutants in the atmosphere.

    One of the features of Stork Craft chairs to die for is its pull-out foot-rester of the ottoman stool which is great to keep your foot on while breastfeeding for a long time. This pull-out foot-rester could be neatly folded back inside the stool after usage, thus making it storage convenient.

    Product Highlights:

    • The upholstery and fabric are super plush
    • The cushions are made with microfiber so feels ultra soft
    • Both the glider and the ottoman rock back and forth on ball bearings
    • Available in espresso, beige, gray and white combinations

    How To Choose The Right Breastfeeding Chair?

    Before we answer that question, let’s look at the needs of a new mom. The main factors of postnatal care for both the mother and the baby are:

    • The positioning of the baby to the breasts where the head and the body of the baby should be in a straight alignment
    • The posture of the mother while breastfeeding

    A mother’s most preferred methods to hold the baby for nursing include ‘laid-back hold’, ‘cradle hold’ or ‘cross cradle hold’. All these holding methods could be done in a standing or seated posture, the latter being more preferable. All three of these tactics have some common drawbacks for the mother which include muscle pull in the neck and back, and strain in the biceps.

    Therefore what breastfeeding mothers need are ‘ergonomic nursing chairs’. The best chair for nursing baby must have the following requirements:

    • The chairs should be able to provide a cushioned but sturdy back support to the lower lumbar spine of the mother.
    • The lumbar spine has a backward C-shape, so the seats should provide an angle of 105° between the thigh and the trunk to conserve that C-shape of the lumbar spine.
    • Nursing chairs should avail some resting space for sacrum and buttocks. This helps provide a support to the lumbar spine.
    • The topmost part of a low-backed nursing chair should be well below the lower angles of the scapulae, so as to provide ease to the shoulders while switching seating positions.
    • In case of high backed chairs, the shoulder support should be at 105°angle with the seat.

    Always pay attention to the seat, back rest, leg rest and arm rest of the chair you are interested to purchase. Remember the DOF’s or Degrees of Freedom of movement that the chair needs to provide you. An ergonomically designed nursing chair provides 6 DOFs for back rest, 10 DOFs for hand rest, 3 DOFs for seat and 1 DOF for the chair’s mobility on the floor.

    Also consider the following before a purchase:

    • Arm rest height should be between 18.04 cm and 26.93 cm
    • Back rest height should be between 15.24 cm and 25.40 cm
    • Back rest angle should be between 100° and 120°
    • Seat height should be between 38 cm and 56 cm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What Kind Of Chair Is Best For Breastfeeding?

    There are two most common types of chairs you can look for breastfeeding:

     1. Rocker chairs 

    This type of chair allows you to sway with its two curved bands. This swaying motion lets your child fall asleep quickly while making you feel relaxed.

     2. Glider chairs 

    A glider chair has a stationary base. It is the seat that offers a gliding mechanism, which allows you to swing back and forth smoothly. Unlike a rocker chair, it doesn’t make any noise, so your baby won’t get disturbed. 

    Both kinds of chairs are used for breastfeeding, but the best one depends on personal preference. Whichever chair you choose, you need to ensure it provides comfort and good back support, comes with a footrest, and is made of durable material.

    Final Word

    There used to be a time when moms of newborns used to breastfeed on the living room couch, on the rug on the floor or simply on one corner of the bed with her back resting against the head-board.

    Though the idea may sound simple and convenient, but it poses considerable health risks for the mother in the long run.

    During breastfeeding sessions, it is crucial that the mother is comfortable. The seats mentioned above do not support the mother’s head, back, arms and hips adequately, requiring her to slouch which will cause her to suffer intense muscular pain in the future.

    Specially designed nursing chairs are available these days which take an overall care of new moms. Some of the best chairs for breastfeeding include the ones made by Stork Craft, Da Vinci and Angel Line. Now moms can kiss their worrisome days goodbye and enjoy her time with her baby.

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