Best Laser Printer Paper 2021

Laser printers have evolved into a fine piece of machinery that has made the printing process simpler and effortless.

It is equipped with color toners that apply dry ink to the paper while printing, which reduces the hassle of refilling ink into the printer. But, to have the finest printing performance the necessity of the right laser printer paper is high.

The best laser printer paper is equipped with remarkable features, which are capable of making the paper flawlessly coordinate with the laser printer for providing a perfectly printed document. It will also ensure that the paper doesn’t jam in the printer.

So, bring the finest laser printer papers for your office or home and indulge in a satisfactory printing experience. To help you choose the right unit, we have looked into hundreds of printer papers available in today’s market and reviewed the top products. Check them out!

List Of Top 10 Best Laser Printer Paper

1. Amazon Basics AZ8511201R

2. HP Papers 113100R

3. JOYEZA CG-045

4. Hammermill 086790

5. Samsill 41100

6. HP Papers 115300C

7. Hayes Paper


9. TerraSlate

10. Teslin

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Best Laser Printer Paper





Amazon Basics AZ8511201R

  • Paper Finish: Smooth
  • Weight (lbs): 20
  • Special Feature: Acid-free paper

HP Papers 113100R

  • Paper Finish: Premium Glossy
  • Weight (lbs): 32
  • Special Feature: Optimized for HP technology


  • Paper Finish: Matte
  • Weight (lbs): 0.7
  • Special Feature: Remarkable adhesion

Hammermill 086790

  • Paper Finish: Smooth
  • Weight (lbs): 20
  • Special Feature: Made from 100% recycled material

Samsill 41100

  • Paper Finish: Smooth
  • Weight (lbs): 2
  • Special Feature: The brightness level is 90 lumen

HP Papers 115300C

  • Paper Finish: Smooth
  • Weight (lbs): 24
  • Special Feature: ColorLok technology

Hayes Paper

  • Paper Finish: Smooth
  • Weight (lbs): 5.6
  • Special Feature: Clear paper


  • Paper Finish: Smooth
  • Weight (lbs): 8.6
  • Special Feature: 4.5 mil thickness


  • Paper Finish:Matte
  • Weight (lbs): 10
  • Special Feature: Waterproof and weatherproof


  • Paper Finish: Matte
  • Weight (lbs): 3.2
  • Special Feature: Laser Teslin color

Best Laser Printer Paper Reviews

1. Amazon Basics Multipurpose Printer Paper - Best Paper For Laser Printer

A superior quality laser printer paper packed with unquestionable qualities; Amazon Basics Paper is one of our favorite picks. It stands out among its competitors for remarkable service and durability in cost-effective pricing.

The brightness level of this sheet is 92 GE, more than enough to print letters, colors, and images with utmost vividness and clarity. Due to its high brightness level, it also provides better contrast, so you will be able to read the paper without any eye strain and fatigue.

Has it ever occurred to you that the paper you bought turned yellow over time? Well; with this product, you won’t face such issues since it is specially manufactured with acid-free material. It also makes the surface of the paper so smooth that it provides consistent ink receptivity and toner.

Measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size, the sheet is fully equipped to work with any type of contemporary machine. Apart from laser printers, it is also compatible with inkjet printers, fax machines, and copiers. Needless to say, this is one of the most highly compatible papers available at the moment.

This paper ream consisting of 500 sheets comes with a weight of 20 pounds. So you can rest assured that the paper won’t jam inside the printer and will provide an economical printing experience.

Highlighted Features

  • The brightness of the paper is 92 GE
  • It offers an extremely smooth surface
  • The weight of this paper ream is 20 pounds
  •  It is an acid-free paper

2. HP Papers 113100R 32 lb Printer Paper - Glossy Paper For Laser Printer

When it comes to printer paper, HP Papers is a name that needs almost no introduction. The company has been delivering top-notch papers to homes and offices worldwide for several years now.

Featuring Colorlok technology, this paper ensures more vivid and vibrant colors, and bolder blacks while printing. This makes the unit one of the finest color printing papers in the current market. So with the HP Papers 113100R, you can expect to get the finest laser printing performance.

The sheet comes with a brightness rating of 100 and the whiteness rating of 163. It also features a glossy and smooth surface texture, offering all that you need for laser printing with better contrast and clarity.

The drying speed of this printer paper is reasonably fast, it dries up in a matter of seconds. So, you won’t have to wait around for long to get the printed documents and images out of the printer.

Another interesting feature of this product is that it is heavyweight paper. Weighing at 32 pounds, this paper will provide a reliable printing and reading experience.

Highlighted Features

  • This paper is specially optimized for HP equipment
  • The size of the sheet is 8.5 inches by 11 inches
  • The weight of its ream is 32 lbs
  • Its brightness level of the unit is 100
  •  It features Colorlok technology that provides better color

3. JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

If you are looking for water-resistant laser printer paper, then you should check out this amazing unit by JOYEZA. Made with high-quality vinyl, this paper will provide water-resistance for a long period of time.

Featuring a surface with a matte finish, the paper is capable of printing with eye-catching and vibrant colors. The paper has a thickness of 100 microns, which makes the unit compatible with both inkjet and laser printers.

We love the fact it is a sticker paper that features incredible adhesion so that it doesn’t fall off from the walls or any other surface, no matter what. You can use it to make posters, make labels for different products, logo stickers, or just normal documents. Thus, the unit is amongst the most versatile printer paper.

Applying this sticker paper after printing is quite easy. You can cut the paper in your required measurements by simply using a scissor. It is equipped with a unique backing layer that can be peeled off in a matter of seconds, making the application process effortless.

Highlighted Features

  • This unit consists of 20 sticky sheets
  • The sheets are made with premium printable vinyl
  • It offers remarkable adhesion
  • The measurement of the paper is 8.5- inch by 11-inch
  • It is a highly durable paper

4. Hammermill 086790 Printer Paper - Laser Printer Paper For Photos

Now, this printer paper is something that might interest you! The Hammermill 086790 is equipped with incredible functionalities to offer a satisfactory printing performance. It comes with immense potential to help you perfectly print anything from images to letters within a couple of seconds.

The Hammermill 086790 is a perfect laser print paper. It is thick enough to make sure that the color toner prints on the paper without any issues. The weight of a ream of this paper is 20 pounds, perfect to withstand the heat created by the laser printers. 

This unit features ColorLok technology that is engineered to provide more vivid color, bolder blacks, and also offer a faster drying time. So you can easily use this smooth textured paper to print high-quality pictures.

We love the fact that this is totally recycled printer paper since it is made of post-consumer fiber that is obtained from sustainably maintained forests. As it is made of renewable resources, recycling the paper after usage is also quite easy. So, this paper won’t pose any harm to the environment.

Highlighted Features

  • The brightness rate of this sheet is 92
  • This paper is made from 100% recycled material
  • Its surface finishing is smooth
  • The weight of its ream is 20 pounds
  • It comes with ColorLok technology

5. Samsill 41100 Economy Transparent Printer Paper

With high thickness and weight, the Samsill 41100 is capable of enduring the heat produced by the color toners of the laser printer. Featuring 0.4 mm thick PET, it is fully equipped to offer optimum printing performance. That too, for an extended period of time.

If you are looking for a paper with a fast-drying time for the laser printer, then this unit will be an ideal choice for you. It is particularly manufactured to provide high-speed production. So using this transparent sheet, you will be able to read the printed documents for school or office immediately after printing.

Offering a brightness level of 90 lumens, this unit prints with more vibrant and clear colors. The printed letters and images on this product are crisper and sharper compared to some other units. This paper is equipped to provide you a fine reading experience even in a room with dull lighting.

Highlighted Features

  • The thickness of this printer paper is 0.4 mm
  • It comes with a brightness level of 90 lumen
  • This unit for laser printer features a smooth surface texture
  • The ream of this transparent unit consists of 100 sheet
  • It provides a high-speed printing process

How To Choose The Best  Paper for Laser Printer

Paper Finish

The paper finish is a vital factor to consider while purchasing a laser printer paper. With the right paper finish, you will be able to get the desired printing effect.

The papers for laser printers often come with three types of surface finishing - smooth, glossy, and matte. Each of these textures has a specific function and will provide a particular type of color tone a.

If you want to print high-resolution pictures with the laser printer, then you should definitely go for printer paper with a glossy finish. This paper finish will print with vibrant and eye-catching colors. Otherwise, a smooth and matte paper finish will get the job done.


The weight of a paper will determine its capability to resist paper jams and withstand the heat generated by the laser printers. So the weight of the laser printer paper is a major factor that needs your attention.

The weight of the printer paper varies from unit to unit. As an absolute minimum, for regular usage, you ought to use at least a paper of 20 pounds’ weight. A paper ream of 32 pounds can be used for printing presentations or important documents.

If you want satisfactory printing and reading experience, then you should go for a unit with a high amount of weight. The higher the weight, the printing quality will get better.


As you confirm a purchase, pay attention to the brightness level of the paper. The brighter the printer paper, the printer will print with better contrast and color.

For a clear and vivid appearance of colors, images, and words, the brightness of the paper should be at the level of 96 to 100. However, anything above the brightness rating of 92 will work just fine and will provide a quality print. So choose a unit with the right brightness level for a top-notch printing performance.

Final Word

Printing with laser printers has become easier and effortless, thanks to the high-quality laser printer papers. The best laser printer paper features innovative technologies that offer a print more vibrant colors in a matter of seconds.

However, choosing the perfect laser printer paper for your printer can be somewhat challenging. Multiple necessary factors need your consideration. We have analyzed the market and made a list of the units that are on top of their game to help you make the right purchase.

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